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Sports Betting Types: Goalscorer Bet

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A goalscorer bet is making a wager on who will score a goal in a game. Betting on a goalscorer is one of the most common betting markets after betting on the game’s outcome. A punter can make a wager on the team to score first, the player to score first, each group to cut in a particular half, both teams to score in a game, the highest goal scorer for a tournament, for a league, and more.

Features Of Goalscorer Bets

To make an accurate prediction on goalscorer bets, a punter needs to consider the odds on the players, past form, an average of goals scored or conceded, betting across different sports and leagues, and types of wagers.

1. The Strikers

The strikers have the highest probability of scoring in a game, and each team is set up to enable their strikers to achieve goals. Depending on the pedigree of a striker, a striker with more goals will have a lower payout, and a striker with fewer goals could have a higher payout. Midfielders also have a high probability of scoring, but not as high as compared to a striker. Midfielders generally have a higher payout and odds for goalscorer bets, a lucrative betting market for punters. Punters can also wager on defenders or goalkeepers scoring. The latter gives punters the highest payouts for goal-scoring bets since the likelihood of a keeper scoring is very low (not impossible).

2. Past Form

It’s essential to consider the most recent form of a team when making a goalscorer bet. A good metric to look at is the last game played, the previous three games played, the last five matches played, ten games played, and the previous season. Each time frame will give a punter a better idea of a team’s performance in the recent past and if they are likely to perform well or not in the next game. For example, an excellent team such as Real Madrid may not have scored in the last three games away from home, and making a goalscorer bet for the next away game on Madrid may not be profitable or risky.

3. Goal Scored/conceded Average

The average goals scored or conceded in a game give a punter an indication of how many goals a team scores on average and admits on average. If a team scores more goals (on average two or more a game), then a goalscorer bet can be profitable. If a team conceded fewer goals (on average less than 1), then making a goalscorer bet on the opposition won’t be good. When making a goalscorer bet, look at the stake on the team’s average goals scored and the opposition’s average goals conceded.

4. Across Sports/Leagues

Apart from football, punters can make goalscorer bets in other team sports with a point-scoring system. Some sports punters can make goalscorer wagers on hockey, ice hockey, rugby, basketball, baseball, polo, lacrosse, and more. Some leagues and teams have a higher goal-scoring average, such as PSG in Ligue 1. A punter can make profitable goal-scoring wagers by making wagers on teams with higher goal-scoring probabilities.

5. Type Of Bet

Punters have access to several different types of goalscorer bets. An anytime goalscorer bet enables a punter to make a wager on any player scoring during a particular game. The odds for anytime scorer bets tend to be the lowest for strikers with a high probability of scoring and players in good form. A punter can also place a wager that a team or player will score a goal during a particular phase of the game 1-9 minutes, 10-19 minutes, and so on. For a goalscorer bet, the outcome of the match has no impact on the payout. A punter can expect a payout irrespective of a win, draw, or loss in the game, provided the player bet on scoring a goal in 90 minutes.

6. Conditions

In some cases, goals scored in extra time or through a spot-kick after spare time don’t qualify for a goalscorer bet payout. However, penalties won during the game are a bonus and counted towards goalscorer bets. For example, Manchester United has scored the most penalties for the 2020-2021 EPL season. A goalscorer wager on Bruno Fernandez would have paid out almost half the time for every match wagered in that season.

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