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Sports Betting Types: Accumulator Bet

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Accumulator bets have been around for several decades. In the past, accumulator bets were also called parlay bets. The idea behind accumulator or Acca bets is to let the bets accumulate into a large payout for every correct prediction made. The winnings of multiple wagers are combined to give a punter a big payday. The payout on accumulator bets is some of the highest among most betting outcomes. It becomes harder to win an Acca bet if the accumulator prediction is a long series or multiple betting outcomes. However, the payout on a longer accumulator bet is much higher than the payout on a short accumulator bet. For example, making an Acca bet on a tournament with eight teams and 16 matches is more accessible than predicting a game with 32 teams and more partners. A punter is incentivized with a higher Acca reward for undertaking a higher risk.

Acca bets have been responsible for bookmakers and sportsbooks losing much money in years unlikely events play out. The first time Leicester won the English Premier League was in 2016 and had recently gained promotion. Most bookies gave 5000 to 1 odds on Leicester winning the English Premier League since it was an improbable event. Punters who placed wagers of 5, 10, 20, and 50 Pounds walked away with thousands and hundreds of thousands of Pounds. Most bookies lost in the millions while others had to shut down.

Features Of Accumulator Bets

Some of the different features of accumulator bets include making wagers on the different types of games, the number of games to include in an accumulator bet, an each way bet, the probability and risks of making an Acca wager.

1. Types Of Games

Punters make Acca wagers in football and place wagers in other sports such as baseball, Esports, hockey, rugby, handball, cricket, golf, table tennis, tennis, horse racing, motorsports, etc., basketball, and more. Punters can place accumulator wagers across multiple games in different sports for the same bet, such as the FIFA World Cup, the IPL, the EPL, and the Monaco Grand Prix. If a match is canceled, then odds are removed from the accumulator betting list, and the punter continues with the rest of the games.

2. Short Or Long Acca

A four-match Acca bet can generate up to $5000 on a $10-$100 wager. The profits from an 8 or 9 match Acca bet can reach a hundred thousand or millions depending on the types of matches and odds for each game in the Acca bet. A short Acca is much easier to win than a long Acca. However, the payoff from a long Acca is much higher than a short Acca.

3. Each Way Bets

An each-way accumulator bet allows a punter to cash out after any win in the Acca fixture list. Usually, players have to wait until the final match of the Acca wager before making any withdrawals. On an each way bet, punters can withdraw winnings earlier and secure those funds, but at the cost of a lesser final payout because of a lack of the multiplier effect. Punters also lose potential winnings for withdrawing the bet earlier than the last game.

4. Low Probability

The probability of making an accurate accumulator prediction is lower than predicting the outcome of the game. However, a lower likelihood also rewards punters with a higher payout for the skill of predicting multiple outcomes correctly at one go. The order of the Acca wager also has an impact on the payout and odds of the bet.

5. Risk

The risks involved in making accumulator wagers are high because if a single bit in the accumulator loses, then the entire stake is lost. The payout a punter loses may not be much since anything less than a Dollar can generate up to a million dollars in returns. On most occasions, punters get most of the predictions in an Acca correct and may lose because of one or two bad outcomes.

6. Compound Winnings

Accumulator bets work similarly to the way compound interest works. A punter’s winnings are added to the stake placed and placed on the next chance in the accumulator for each correct wager. The winnings of several wagers can add up exponentially after a few wagers in an Acca bet. These winnings are even higher than making individual wagers for the same outcomes outside an Acca wager.

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