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What Is Cockfighting And How To Bet On It?

What Is Cockfighting And How To Bet On It Blog Featured ImageWhat Is Cockfighting And How To Bet On It Blog

Cockfighting is an online game that gives punters the ability to place wagers on different competing digital roosters. Traditionally, cockfighting is associated with animal cruelty. However, today, punters can place bets online in online cockfighting events developed by premium gaming developers from across the globe.

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Bet In Rescuebet Platform

Traditional cockfighting involves competitive roosters fighting each other to the death. In most cases, the most aggressive roosters are bred and trained for the specific purpose of fighting and betting. Most aggressive roosters were eventually bred out because the general need for roosters and chickens required domesticated animals. However, some fans and punters still breed cocks for cockfighting in places where cockfighting is illegal. Because males usually compete with each other, males are used explicitly for cockfighting and not female birds.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, most States and countries have moved to make cockfighting illegal. Louisiana passed a regulation in 2006 and Texas in 2011 outlawing traditional cockfighting and was the last US state to do so. Today, punters can still place cockfighting wagers in a few places where cockfighting is legal in countries like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other minor territories or islands. In Bali, cockfighting was practiced as a sacred ritual.

In some countries, such as India and the Philippines, roosters are equipped with long spurs or metal talons to inflict severe damage on the opponents. While cockfighting is currently banned in these countries, the laws in States vary depending on the regime in charge. For example, cockfighting is still practiced in some parts of Karnataka, Andhra, and Tamil Nadu. Other variations of animal fighting also take place in Tamil Nadu called bullfighting or Jallikattu.

Cockfighting is also legal in a few countries, while other Africa and North Asia countries don’t have enough data. Madagascar, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and a few other countries still practice cockfighting legally. However, with such limited betting options, the sport was on the brink of its existence because of animal rights, gambling laws, and country regulations. Today, punters can log on from a mobile or desktop and play online cockfighting anytime or anywhere with an internet connection.

Features Of Online Cockfighting

Some of the key features of online cockfighting include making multiple wagers, incentives to select the best rooster, helping a punter save time and resources, and utilizing bonuses to win more or lose less when making cockfighting wagers online.

1. Multiple Wagers

One of the key features of online cockfighting is punters can place wagers on more than one outcome simultaneously. In traditional games, punters were restricted to making a single wager at a time, depending on the number of rings and roosters participating. When making online wagers, punters can make a wager at any time and place, giving punters ample freedom to make any desired wager or bets.

2. Selecting The Best Rooster

Like selecting the best rooster to wager on in real cockfights, punters must choose the best rooster based on winning traits and characteristics. A punter is incentivized to choose the rooster with the best features and the game, in turn, rewards detailed analysis. The game is equally based on luck and a certain degree of skill.

3. Saves Time And Resources

Punters can make wagers on more than one game at the same time. If let’s say, a punter is free for 2 or 3 hours a day and wants to make wagers at that time only. A punter can make several wagers on games simultaneously or other types of betting markets, such as the winner of each round. If a punter had to participate in traditional cockfighting, they might be able to wager on a maximum of 3 to 5 games in the same amount of time.

4. Utilizing Bonuses

Punters can utilize bonuses and promotions when making online cockfighting wagers. A premium, advertising, or incentive helps a punter win more when making a wager while attracting a punter to a particular betting operator. Apart from bonuses, incentives such as rebates and cashback help a punter avoid losses or win something back in the event of a loss. A bonus feature also helps sportsbooks and game developers attract a broader fan base and following.

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