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In this episode, we will be looking at how you can beat the bookies with accumulator betting. What is accumulator betting? How can we use accumulator betting to beat the bookies? Take it or leave it- accumulators were purposely created for the bookies. This is a fact that cannot be queried maybe unless you are smart and have decided to follow a proper accumulator strategy that can beat the bookies and smash the odds. Being a type of betting strategy, the best way to place bets on accumulators is to treat each selection within your accumulator like a single bet, and then research each bet from the sources you prefer. These sources include historical data, soccer statistics database, reliable soccer tipsters or other online app-based resources. From any of these, you will get realistic data and information. Consequently, you will know better about the match and the possible results. You can then proceed to make as many selections as possible which can be used within any multiple or accumulator bet.

How to beat the bookies with accumulator bets

Speaking of probability, there are two basic methods that can be used to work out the probability of each event. These include: using the sports bookies odds to suggest what you perceive as the probability of the event, and using the match profile within your favorite or preferred soccer tipster to get a historical probability of the event. You can use accumulators to make big cash even from a small stake. For instance, if you have $5 to bet, and want to win big with it, you just have to predict some outcomes correctly on a single bet. If you use it the right way, you can win. Meanwhile, because it is likely that one team will lose or draw, it makes accumulators bet a type that does not offer good value for long-term profit. In addition, to win substantially, you might have to stake big.

For more information on how you can use betting strategies to beat the bookies, stay tuned for more videos. Good luck! Thank you!


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