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One of the oldest betting events, horse racing, is still played and wagered on by punters across the globe. While several other betting events have transformed or been abandoned, punters still bet on horse racing in its original form. Some abandoned betting events include human and animal fighting (such as at the Coliseum in Rome). Other events such as cockfighting changed into digital games such as SVV cockfighting. Horse racing has been one of the few rare games punters can play in its original form at a racecourse. Alternatively, a punter can also choose to wager on horse races taking place at a racecourse online. Lastly, a punter can make a wager on online horse racing games, which are digital games punters can play online. The number of races and the timing are critical differences between online horse racing games and traditional horse racing. Punters can play online horse races on any day or any day of the year without restrictions. When punters have to make traditional horse racing wagers, punters must make a wager for races specified at a particular date and time. Essentially, a punter isn’t restricted by time, location, or the number of bets on online horse racing. Today, punters usually go to race tracks for the experience and joy associated with horse racing and wagers at the racecourse.

Types Of Horse Race Wagers

Punters can make wagers on different types of horse racing events and games. Some of the types of bets punters can make include single wagers, double wagers, treble wagers, Trixie wagers, accumulator wagers, lucky 15 wagers, and other types of wagers. The outcome depends on the place, the number of horses wagered on, and the kind of wager.

1. Singles

A punter can place a single wager which is a wager on the outcome of one event. A single bet is one of the most straightforward wagers to make in horse racing. Most new punters usually test out single wagers before progressing to more advanced types of wagers or betting markets. The horse selected must finish in either first, second, or third place to win a single wager. While this gives the punter a higher chance of winning a bet, the probability of winning also depends on the number of horses participating in the particular event.

2. Doubles

A punter can place a double wager, making a wager on the outcome of two predictions out of three in a single race. Essentially, a punter wins a double bet if both selected horses finish first, second, or third. For the wager to pay out, a punter must win on both predictions. If a punter makes one accurate and one inaccurate prediction, then the bet doesn’t payout.

3. Trebles

A punter can place a treble wager, which includes accurately predicting all three places for a particular race. Essentially, a punter makes a wager on three different horses, expecting that all horses will finish with a podium placement. If a selected horse fails to qualify in the top-3 spots, the punter loses a treble wager. After accumulator wagers, trebles are one of the most complex types of horse racing wagers to predict. The payoff for a triple bet is much higher compared to a double or single.

4. Trixie

A Trixie is a combination of 3 double wagers and a single treble wager. Essentially, a punter makes a wager on 3 to 6- 9 horses, with the chances of winning increasing with each horse added to the selection. At the same time, the cost of the wager increases while the payout decreases as more horses are added to the piece.

5. Acca

Acca or accumulator wagers are similar to Acca wagers placed in other types of sports wagers. Winning an accumulator can be easier than a Trixie if the selection is four horses. If a punter makes a wager with a choice of eight or more horses participating in different races, then the probability of winning decreases.

6. Luckies

A lucky 15 wager is a wager on 15 different single bets. A punter selects a maximum of only four horses to participate in the wagers across all races. Other wagers, such as Lucky 30, Yankee, Heinz, etc., involve more complicated wagers.

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