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Lagao And Khao In Betting Explained

Lagao And Khao In Betting Explained Blog Featured ImageLagao And Khao In Betting Explained blog

Over the past decade, after football, cricket is the most popular sport worldwide. The game of cricket is between two teams. To bet on cricket, you have to pick a team that you believe will win or lose. In case you choose a team and bet on its win, and at the end, the team wins. When the team wins, it is your win, but it is your loss if they lose. Let me share some tips to win a bet on cricket. To begin, let’s look at the two phases in which cricket betting takes place:-

  • Khao
  • Lagao


When you bet on a team to lose, it is called Khao/Khai. The winner of this bet will be the team that loses the match. In England and India playing and you wish to bet on England to lose, you would say England Khaya, i.e. England is losing.


Gambling on a team’s win is called lago/lagai. A Lagao, however, is used when betting on a team to win. For example, in the above example, if you are betting on England to win the match, you can say England Lagaya. Your goal is to see England win the game. Cricket matches always attract bookies who are all set to bet on which team will win or lose. Betting requires you to risk some money and to back a couple.

Betting on cricket is very challenging since bookmakers have all the information about the match. It’s for this reason that you should understand cricket betting tips. But before you place any bet, you need to select a betting service with which you will open an account. You can create one on RescueBet.

Choosing a Team to bet on is the next step after creating a Betting Account. The selection of a team requires a great deal of experience and expertise. Since this is the primary step that determines your profits or losses, as long as you have the experience to pick your team, you should be fine. Or else Get advice or tips from RescueBet. Our dedicated and trusted expert will guide you in the event you have any queries. The next thing for you is to wait for the match to start after choosing a team.

How To Be Safe When Betting On Cricket

I have listed some of the most crucial betting tips you must remember, mainly if you hail from Asia.

  1. Playing online is always recommended. RescueBet is a good choice because its website is top-notch. Opening an account, making a deposit, and withdrawing funds are seamless and straightforward on the websites. Though you can check other cricket betting sites, you can find them online.
  2. You can use Neteller, Skrill, or Bitcoin for financial transactions. Never use your bank account for betting. There is no doubt that this is the most important.
  3. Bets should be in a separate Facebook account. You should not use your account because someone has tagged you. You should now create another Facebook account. Five minutes are all it takes.
  4. Your contact list should never contain the numbers of useless tippers or punters.
  5. Do not tell anyone about this habit. It would help if you kept it private.
  6. Never watch IPL and cricket matches in public.
  7. Your gallery should never contain a screenshot of your bank payment. Clear your phone gallery of all these images after confirmation.
  8. Delete internet & calling history, cookies, WhatsApp & Telegram chats, cookies & images related to Cricket Betting every day.
  9. Consider email, WhatsApp or Facebook messages instead of calling your bookies, punters or tippers.

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