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Earn A Living Playing Online Blackjack

How to earn a living playing online blackjack?

Earn A Living Playing Online Blackjack Blog Featured ImageEarn A Living Playing Online Blackjack Blog

Blackjack and online blackjack is an incredibly popular online casino game, and for good measure too. A go-to for bettors, it is the perfect combination of luck and skill. A good game of blackjack is delightful, and it can be profitable as well. While the game is merely just a pastime for some, there are plenty of professional players out there, whose sole income depends on their winnings. With the potential to earn thousands of dollars a month, one could possibly make a living playing online blackjack, and here’s how.

How to earn a living playing blackjack?

A game of blackjack is an excellent option for any gambling enthusiast- the perfect blend of unpredictability, luck, and strategy. All of this in addition to the possibility of a huge payout, if you play your cards right. Most people would associate playing blackjack with just one fun-filled evening of gambling, an occasional activity that one would partake in once in a while. But can long term sustainable profits be made from playing blackjack? Can you earn a living from it?

There are plenty of professional online blackjack players out there. And the revenues they make from playing the game is their sole income. Since visiting a casino every other day isn’t exactly feasible, online live casinos are more than a reasonable option. One professional player, Don Johnson, reportedly won $15 million in a span of fewer than 5 months.

So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to earn a living by playing online blackjack.

1. Alter your objective

The main goal, one would presume, would be to get to a total that is as close to 21 as possible, right? The game is also referred to as ‘21’ after all. This is where more new players go wrong. One’s primary concern should solely be to beat the dealer. Your decisions shouldn’t be based on how close your cards are to your desired total, but how they stack up against the dealers’.

2. Set aside a budget

If you want to play professionally, treat the game as you would any other business. Set aside a budget, to prevent your gambling from bleeding into other areas of your life. All your stakes will come from this account, and all your winnings will go into it well. It can be incredibly easy to get carried away otherwise.

3. Learn how to count cards

Card counting is by no means an easy job, and it takes practice to master. Mostly, what it encompasses is keeping track of all the high and low cards on the deck, so that you would know whether the next hand would give you or the dealer the advantage. This way, you will be able to anticipate your next move – a hit, stand, or double. Counting cards is frowned upon by most land casinos, and you could potentially face dire consequences if you get caught. This is much more difficult to do in an online casino because you aren’t under constant supervision. So count away, without making it blatantly obvious.

4. Develop a formula

Most professional blackjack players have a formula – a go-to set of rules that they stick to each time they play. Now, you can always make one on your own, through trial and error. Or you can use pre-existing ones that you could tweak according to your experience.

Can everyone make a profit always playing online blackjack?

Just keep in mind that this cannot be achieved overnight. You can’t go from being a novice to a professional in one day. Things like this take practice, hard work, dedication, and patience. When you start off, it would be natural to lose, but you will get the hang of things, eventually. But that doesn’t mean that you will one day stop losing altogether. Even the best blackjack players don’t come out on top all the time.

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