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Live casino provider review of SunBet

SunBet Live Casino Provider Reviews

Gambling on just sports accounts for a majority of the revenue generated from gambling each year. However, 2020 brought with it some unprecedented changes in the betting ecosystem. The deadly coronavirus has forced the majority of the world’s population indoors, and all major sporting leagues and tournaments have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. This has led to a general slowdown if not a full halt in sports book’s activities worldwide. Resourceful gamblers are swiftly adapting to other avenues of competitive wagerings, such as online casinos and esports gaming. Doing so to satiate their gambling needs as well as maintain a source of income during these turbulent times.

Online Casinos

All land-based casinos like Vegas, Macau, and Atlantic City have been severely affected by the spread of the pandemic. However, online casinos that offer remote access, better payouts, and a large variety of games have seen a spike in recent activity. In the current scenario, a large population of folks is trapped in their own homes and locales with no near end in sight. Thus, it is safe to assume that online casinos will see a large number of takers in the months to follow. Online casinos also provide the added advantage of interacting with professionals from around the world. Right from the comfort of your own home. In addition to being quite affordable and accessible, it is also a vast ecosystem to learn and grow your skills as a professional bettor.


SunBet is a leading developer of live dealer casino games that are specially for the Asian market. The company was established in 2010 and since then services about 700 clients. The service showcases 980 brands featured in their portfolio, and the exclusive reseller for their software products is TGP (The gaming platform). SunBet’s features and services are incredibly popular among Asian players that are looking for a customized gaming experience.

1. Live Streaming

All of SunBet’s original games are delivered through high-quality streams. These games include 3 different video quality settings to choose from. Users also get to choose custom graphics and animation designs. These are incorporated into the game mode to enhance the user’s gaming experience. Their live stream lobby is sharp and elegant, which displays a brief description of the game along with pictures of their attractive live dealers.

2. Live Table Games

Once a player has selected a table, they are then offered 3 bet ranges to choose from. Another option called ‘All-in-one’ displays six different tables that you can play simultaneously.

3. Languages Offered

The site’s primary language is simplified Chinese. However, users have the option of adjusting the gaming interface options to English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Indonesian.

4. Integrated Platform

SunBet can be accessed through the web or mobile applications as per your convenience at any given moment. The site supports downloadable software but also facilitates the ability to place a bet without any download. The system is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, making it easy to access your favorite games on the go.

Original SunBet Live Casino games

All of SunBet’s original games are designed with the needs of Asian players in mind. SunBet live bid baccarat and super 6 baccarat games come with multiple side bets. These side bets provide users with many more opportunities to make back their money. The interactive roulette tables allow users to interact with other players. They can do so through a live in-chat option that simulates an authentic casino setting. For beginners or less seasoned players, the site also features additional games from the classic favorites. SunBet’s Live Dragon Tiger games use the baccarat format, but in which each player only gets one card. And whoever gets the highest value wins the game.

SunBet live Sic Bo is based on a popular Asian game that involves 3 dice. The game is famous for having many betting options. This game also has the highest payout when compared to other games at 150:1. Similarly, SunBet’s other offerings, such as live Bullfight and Sunbet Mahjong, are based around popular Asian games. For example, SunBet’s 3 card poker is based on a traditional Chinese game called Triple Faces.

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