Progressive Online Slots

Are progressive online slots fun to play?

Is it fun to play the progressive type of online slots?

Anyone that frequents online casinos or casinos in person is familiar with slot machines and the thrill of anticipating a jackpot at any moment. Slot machines are a relatively common offering in every online casino because of its popularity with players in the professional and amateur category. This is most likely because the mechanism of slots is so simple. Even a novice can understand the rules with no trouble. Thus, a punter can start earning cash to supplement income in no time.

One of the significant advantages of playing online casinos is virtual casinos are incredibly generous when it comes to awarding attractive bonuses. Rewards are given to both new and existing players. These incentives give you better overall value for money than their land-based counterparts.

Online Slots vs Physical Slot Machines

Online casinos have drastically improved on the simple 3 reel model of slots. Innovations to online slots create a multitude of different adaptations of the game, such as progressive online slots. Adaptations that are more endearing to a much larger audience with diverse interests and preferences. Standard slots that initially had a limited number of reels. Classic slots now come with up to 10-15 reels, several random number generators, multipliers, and muti-pay lines. All these factors increase the chances of landing on a winning combination considerably.

Besides, online slots have more flexible stakes to choose from. Some of these. incentives include attractive incentives such as no-deposit bonuses and free spins as well as bonus in-game features which all add to the allure of online slot machines. Perhaps the most crucial distinction between online and offline slots is that online slots can be played multiple times a day. Moreover, players can play from anywhere in the world just by signing into the gaming portal via the web. This factor of convenience is what has led to the quick adaptation of video slots into the armoire of every online gambler today.

What Are Progressive Online Slots?

There are primarily two broad categories for slot games today. These are standard slot machines wherein the amount to be won is fixed. The winnings are set regardless of the number of players that bet and play on it. Once the jackpot is triggered, this fixed sum is then transferred to the winner. Then, the jackpot resets to the original fixed value. Progressive online slots are designed in a way that the value of the sum to be won keeps increasing with every consecutive bet placed on it. And every player that plays it adds to this final amount. The jackpot, therefore, grows to huge numbers before it is finally triggered by one of the players.

All of the winnings from a progressive will go to the player that triggered the jackpot. At this point, the jackpot resets to its original starting value and starts accumulating all over again, waiting for its net trigger. This huge payout is what attracts players to invest in progressive jackpots rather than on standard slots.

Points To Note On Progressive Slots

Here we take a look at some of the features of progressive online slots that punters need to keep in mind when playing slot games online.

1. Large winning amounts

Sometimes one slot game will have a network that runs across some different gaming providers. Such systems reach vast audiences. The rate the jackpot grows and gets triggered is much higher than that of a standard slot. Thus, increasing your chances of winning large amounts at one go.

2. Make sure that you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot

Sometimes, each round on a progressive slot machine can end up costing a lot more than a standard slot. The truth is you will not be able to win a progressive online slots unless you spend the maximum number of coins. The trouble with slots is that its hard to estimate what the exact payback percentage for the game will be without being able to determine the final size of the jackpot. So players are advised to keep track of how much they spend on each attempt. Players need to set limitations on their expenditure and play within a budget. Budgeting ensures that they do not lose too much on every spin.

3. Do not play slots with a low payback percentage

Progressive slots tend to have a lower payback percentage than regular slots. This is because only a certain percentage of each bet goes into increasing the size of the jackpot size. This amount is taken directly from the total payout value. This is why some slot players feel it is more economical to bet on a flat top or regular slot machine because of the better odds that come with it.