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5 Reel Slots Explained With Tips

5 Reel Slots Explained With Tips Blog Featured Image5 Reel Slots Explained With Tips Blog

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Hi, and welcome to another episode from the slot games video series by Rescuebet. I’m Sharon and I’m the spokesperson this video series. In continuation of our slot games series by Rescuebet, we will look into the details of 5 reel slots. What are the 5 reel slots, and how can you win the game? We will explain and offer simple winning tips. Tag along. Imagine arriving at your favorite online gambling site, scanning the massive list of slot machines and feeling completely blank about where to start. Understand that this feeling is only normal.

However, there are certain factors you must consider when you want to choose a game. A very good way to start is to determine the potential machine, say a 5 reel slot. With the 5 reel slots, you get a more advanced feeling than you get with the 3 reel slot machines. As a matter of fact, they are considered the most popular option among online gamblers today. They have a larger board, and can create more diverse chances to win- with many games featuring 25 paylines and more for players to gamble on.

Why 5 Reel Slots?

The 5 reel slot games feature more reels and paylines. They also create more ways for players to win, and thus, have more regular payouts. The slots also offer more bonuses and extras like free spins, bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols. In some cases, they offer progressive jackpot and mini-games where you can get millions of dollars paid out on a day. Being video slots, they have far more exciting graphics and interface. So, you might have to do due diligence in determining which reel slot is best for you. Ask yourself what your priorities are: regular payouts or bigger wins, exciting features, among others.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Set a bankroll for all 5-reel slots gaming sessions
  • Chase down jackpots
  • Check the return to player RTPs of the slot games
  • Prime the slot machine pumps by playing 5 reel slots games with smaller bets and incrementally increase the size of your bets
  • Never chase your losses- check pay tables and winning combinations

To discover more about different type of slot games, tips and strategies, stay tune for other episodes in this Slot Games video series. Thank you for watching and good luck!


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