Progressive Jackpot In Online Slots Games

Online slot games and progressive jackpots

What Is Progressive Jackpot In Online Slots Games?

Slot machines have long been a favorite pastime for many professional gamblers as well as absolute beginners to online wagering. The reason slots are such a widespread engagement because unlike other card games, slots do not require any special knowledge or strategy to win. The way slots work is that there are a certain number of symbols that spin when a bettor spins a reel. If a player can match the symbols and colors in a particular order, they can win real cash. Virtual slot games have so much more scope and potential to win than land-based casinos. The former is also much more convenient to access from remote locations. This is why mobile slot machines have been growing in popularity among players all over the world. Thereby making videos of online slots as their first preference. Classic reel slots are based on the rigid style of the old school land-based machines. Whereas the newer video slots deliver practical solutions with better technology and cutting edge entertainment. This also features built-in high-quality graphics, sleek animations, and engaging soundtracks. Several in-game features also significantly enhance a players’ casino experience.

What’s The Difference Between a Standard And Progressive Slot?

A standard slot machine has a fixed amount that can be won when the Jackpot is triggered. This amount remains fixed no matter how many people play it. It also remains consistent no matter how many times punters play it. A progressive jackpot is designed in a way that the win amount keeps increasing with the number of people that play it. A portion of each bet is added to the total amount to be won. Consequently, this amount keeps increasing until someone triggers the Jackpot. The ticker resets only to start building again from the initial starting point. Some progressive slot games even go the extra mile by linking with other slot networks. This makes the amount on the Jackpot rise even faster. Thus, the final win amount increases to extremely high values attracting more high stakes players to the game.


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How To Identify a Progressive Slot?

Online progressive slots work the same way that their land-based counterparts work. Nowadays, players gamble on the same games from the comfort of their homes, making these jackpot values just as life-changing as the progressives in Macau or Vegas. A progressive slot game will usually always display a jackpot ticker that shows the status of the jackpot amount. This ticker moves up every time another player loses some money to the game as a result of not triggering the Jackpot. Mobile technology has eliminated the need for land-based casinos or large machines to facilitate bets. Consequently, slot games are offered by online casino providers through branded themes and branded content. This has become extremely popular among online casino users. There are also different variations of progressive slot games that players will come across that make each game unique in its own way.

1. Standalone Progressive Slots

This type of slot game grows its own progressive Jackpot and is not in a network with any other slot game across any other provider. These types of slot machines are also most likely to have the lowest maximum jackpot amount compared to the different iterations of progressive slots.

2. In-house Progressive Slots

In-house progressive slots are different slot games with the same underlying theme linked to each other. However, these links are exclusive to the same provider. Since players from multiple games are contributing to the same Jackpot, this value tends to grow a lot faster than a standalone slot system. The same games may be featured on other providers but are not linked and hence, act as separate jackpots.

3. Wide Area Progressive Slots

In this slot system, several gaming providers will feature the same slot game with the same theme. These games share a link together on the same network. Thus, making the prize pool reach into the millions in relatively short amounts of time.

Progressive Jackpot

These accumulative prize pools have become increasingly popular for their high payout values.  The value of betting on a progressive slot can be calculated by identifying the cutoff amount beyond which your investment would be unfruitful. Players must draw an estimate of how much they are willing to spend/lose on a slot before calling quits. Although it is relatively hard to accurately approximate the exact value before quitting.

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