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The Martingale System

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Punters have the advantage of selecting a slot game system, implementing it, testing it, modifying it, and evaluating the system. Some slot betting systems were developed over three centuries ago and are still used today. Modern betting systems have been introduced in the last three decades since the invention of the dial-up internet. One strategy developed a long time ago is the Martingale betting system and punters today use several variations of the Martingale system in some form.

Martingale System

The Martingale betting system is a negative progressive betting system. An advanced negative system requires punters to increase their wager after a loss by doubling their stake. A punter can potentially win back past failures by doubling the stake after a casualty using a Martingale betting system. A punter undertakes a significant risk to win back previous losses on wagers. If a punter successfully wins their funds back after doubling down, the punter has not suffered a loss, but neither has the punter made a profit. The Martingale strategy is a punter’s strategy to recoup betting losses and helps secure punter profits on the table on games already won.

Features Of The Martingale System

Some of the key features of the Martingale system include:

  • Making wagers on outcomes
  • Factoring the house edge into the bets
  • Making low increments
  • The assumption of infinite wealth
  •  Understanding the impact of streaks on casino Martingale wagers.

1. 50-50 Probability Outcomes

A punter must place a wager on outcomes with a 50-50 probability of winning. If a punter decides to double a bet after a loss on uneven odds, a punter needs to calculate the risk-reward for each game and consider a few losses could result in high-stakes wagers. While no casino or slot game is genuinely 50-50, a punter makes the most profit by making wagers the closer to the even odds. However, 50-50 probabilities also include a house edge, reducing the actual odds to a winning bet.

2. House Edge

The house edge comes at a cost to the punter and serves as revenue for the online casino. Punters must consider each provider’s house edge and select providers with a lower house edge. A lower house edge enables a punter to maximize profit on winning wagers and has little to no impact on losing chances. 100% of a losing bet is lost in the event of a loss and represents maximum profit for a casino betting provider.

3. Low Increments

Punters should increase their bets by low increments or select a low wagering limit. Low increments help punters lose less on losing streaks and cap the maximum punter can win on winning streaks. Additionally, slot games have unpredictable outcomes, making it hard for a punter to predict when to increase or decrease a wager efficiently (and by how much). Punters willing to take on a higher level of risk can consider higher increments when making wagers as well.

4. Infinite Wealth

One of the main conditions of the Martingale system is the ability to double down to win your funds back. However, a punter cannot predict when they will win their funds back. A punter has a high probability of running out of funds before winning because everyone’s wealth is finite or limited. Without infinite wealth, a punter must consider other risk management systems to incorporate the Martingale system. One of the leading risk management slot bettors includes setting a low wagering limit increasing the number of times a punter can double on the next wager.

5. Streaks

Streaks are more common in games with 50-50 probabilities but also occur at random for other types of slot games. A punter could potentially lose all their wagering funds on a single losing streak. For example, a punter places a $100 wager, and loses 8 games in a row, then a punter loses $100, $200, $400, $800, $1600, $3200, $6400, and $12800. You can quickly see how trying to win back $100 turned into losing $12800 on a single losing streak on the Martingale system.

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