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The Zig Zag System

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The zig zag betting system is one of the most popular and easy to understand and implement. However, being easy to understand and enforce doesn’t make it the best or the most accurate system to use. Punters must consider using betting systems with caution while being open to making changes or abandoning the design altogether.

The idea behind the zig zag betting system lies with value investing, as proposed by Warren Buffet. Value investors identify and purchase undervalued shares and wait for their value to rise to make a profit. A zig zag system works in slot betting and sports betting in the same way. A punter places a wager on the loser of the current outcome to be the winner of the following output. Essentially, a punter doubles down on a bet on a team or game after a loss or near win.

Zig Zag System

Betting events that currently utilize the zig zag system include sports games such as basketball, football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc., to online slot games. However, the rules for slot games come with slightly different variations. For example, a punter can adopt a zig zag strategy within a slot game based on the number of reels and the current pay line. If a pay line includes at least two winning symbols out of 3, it means a slot machine is potentially close to paying off with all three signs. Ideally, a punter could play the machine or slot game until the payoff is met or a punter’s level of risk is breached. One factor to consider is a small win followed by a big win within a few spins. Almost all slot games are developed to ensure fair gaming practices, including random likelihood. Essentially, all punters have a random chance of winning an outcome, making slots very unpredictable. Making a zig zag wager assumes that past events impact determining future developments. But online slot games are random, and past results don’t predict future slot results.

Features Of The Zig Zag System

Some of the critical features of zig zag slot game systems include a low probability of winning consistently, the high level of risk, the necessity to combine with other strategies, and testing out the process on slot games hosted by Rescuebet.

1. Risky

One features to consider is the risk a punter is exposed to while making zig zag wagers. Without an efficient risk management system in place, a punter could risk losing all their funds. The zig zag is a high-risk strategy because a punter doesn’t know if a big win will follow a small victory, when the success will happen, or the frequency of wins in a betting session. Additionally, slot games are random outcomes implying a zig zag or a non-random path isn’t the best-suited strategy for most types of slot games.

2. Low Probability Of Winning

Punters have a low probability of winning, in the long run, using a zig zag system on slot games. A low chance of winning implies a punter can bank through small bursts of high wagers during well-timed winning streaks. However, the probability of predicting spots is almost impossible and comes down mainly to luck. Different slot games with different RTPs also factor into the likelihood of winning with a zig zag strategy.

3. Combine With Other Systems

The best way to utilize a zig zag betting system on slot games is by incorporating it with other betting systems simultaneously. For example, a punter can manage the maximum level of risk they’re exposed to by setting low wagering limits, stop-loss limits, naked pull limits, and attempting the straight 60 slot system. While combining with other systems may not improve a punter’s chances of winning, it reduces its probability of losing excessively.

4. Slot Games On Rescuebet

Punters can access several different types of slot games on Resucebet. Access to several slot games enables punters to try out extra strategies on other games to test the efficiency, efficacy, and profitability of a particular betting system. Additionally, punters can access several bonuses, betting content, podcasts, and access to other betting options on the Resucebet platform.

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