Online Casino Promotion Trends

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Promotions are an essential tool online casinos use to bring in more users, customers, and revenue. While promotions incur a cost to an online casino, the investment generates returns in the form of more punters making higher wagers. Punters can utilize different promotions to make online casino wagers more profitable.

Casino Promotion Trends

The latest online casino promotion trends for 2021 include joining bonuses, free spins, rebates, jackpot bonuses, referral bonuses, affiliates, and high betting limits.

1. Joining Bonus

Joining bonuses are the most common promotional tools used by online casinos. Joining bonuses push punters to sign up with a particular sportsbook with a one-time bonus. Joining bonuses are restricted by a certain amount or a portion of a punter’s first wager. When signing up with a betting platform, all punters who use a joining bonus can claim a joining prize to a bet. However, most venues have betting requirements before punters can withdraw a joining bonus. Betting requirements prevent punters from abusing the bonus feature and increasing user engagement on the platform.

2. Free Spins

Free spins are casino promotion that apply only within certain online slot games, fishing games, and roulette games. A punter has a chance of winning multiple free spins while playing particular slot games. A free spin enables a punter to make a spin without placing a wager. If the punter wins the bet, they keep all the winnings as profit. If the punter loses the spin, it comes at no cost to the punter. The number of free spins is essential for punters when making online slot wagers.

3. Rebates

Rebates are casino promotion offered by online casinos to attract punters. Punters utilize rebates as insurance against a percentage of losses during losing weeks or losing months. It’s important to note that rebates are only paid out in losses and aren’t always paid out like joining bonuses. Most betting providers don’t usually offer rebates since rebates cut into the potential profits of a betting provider. Rebates can range from under 1% up to 20%. However, most rebates have conditions attached to them.

4. Jackpot Bonuses

Jackpot bonuses apply to particular types of casino games that have jackpots enabled. Most jackpot games include slot games with cumulative pots. Punters can make wagers on regular slot games online, and a portion of each bet is added to a final jackpot. The last bank pays out the most winnings among most casino wagers, sometimes in the tens of millions of dollars. However, winning the final jackpot is usually the most complex type of wager, with the odds of sometimes winning a million to one.

5. Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are incentives for punters to refer a friend or bettor to the platform. After the referral makes a certain number of wagers or stakes a particular amount, the punter is entitled to a referral bonus. Some providers incorporate affiliate programs to promote particular casino services. Affiliate programs enable punters to become affiliates and earn a portion of all referred affiliates’ wagers with the platform. Both affiliate programs and referral bonuses allow casino providers to increase their customer base and punters to earn rewards. Punters then use these bonuses to make more wagers.

6. No Betting Limits

Punters have restrictions with upper betting limits at most online casinos. However, Rescuebet enables punters to make wagers with no upper betting limits. A high betting limit attracts a particular type of bettor called high-rollers. High Rollers are punters that prefer making high-stakes wagers in single bets in games of poker, blackjack, keno, hi-lo, and other types of online casino games.

7. Limited-Time Promos

Limited-time promotions are usually promotions that are valid for a particular duration. The time such a casino promotion is correct depends on the occasion or event. Limited-time promotions include holidays such as Christmas or New Year promotions and apply to casino games, sports wagers, Esports bets, etc. Promotions that last more than a week or even a month include tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, the ICC World Cup, and other types of sporting events.

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