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Hi, I’m Sharon, the spokesperson of RescueBet and welcome to Bookies Web Series by RescueBet. In this video, we will consider another betting strategy, which concerns how you can beat the bookies with each way betting. What is each way betting? And why is it necessary to look out for beating the bookies? Whether you believe it or not, bookies know how to beat you, as they are not planning to fail either. But one of the strategies you can use to beat the bookies successfully is with each way betting.

What Is Each Way Betting?

Each way betting (EW or E/W) is a popular betting method usually done on horse racing. Bettors can use this type of bet as a form of insurance in case their chosen horses narrowly fail to win. The place aspect of the bet increases effectively, and this enhances their chance of making a profit even if not as much as a win would have given them. It is made up of two parts: a WIN bet and a PLACE bet. Hence, the name, each way.

Beating The Bookies With Each Way Betting

To beat the bookies with this form of bet, two bets of equal amounts are made. The first is on a selection (horse) to win, while the second is on the same selection (to place). A win means the horse finishes the race first, and the place means that it finishes in any of the top positions- say between the first 4 or 5. Meanwhile, there are more advanced types of each-way betting like multiple each way bets, each way double: 2 selections, each way treble: 3 selections, each way accumulator: 4 selections or more. If you are looking to profit from each way bets, you are making a great decision. This is because the type of bet is incredibly simple as you are not limited by the size of potential free bets. In other words, you can win hundreds or thousands in profit from a single race.

You can turn the bookies odds against them with this betting strategy. For more sports betting strategies, stay tuned for more videos in this bookies video series. Good luck! Thank you!


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