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Are you an online casino player? Or perhaps a recreational player? Maybe we don’t even know ourselves. Hi, and welcome to another episode from the Online Casino video series by RescueBet! I’m Sharon, and I’m the spokesperson for this video series. In continuation of our online casino video series, we will look at advantage player vs. recreational player.

What does each represent? And who is an advantage casino player as against a recreational type? First, betting systems are ways of trying to win at casino games that don’t work. They involve raising and lowering your bet sizes based on past results. Advantage gambling, on the other hand, entails diverse techniques that enable you to put the odds in your favour. Rather than have a mathematical edge, an advantage gamble makes sure she has the edge. Meanwhile, not every gambling activity is susceptible to the advantage of gambling strategies. For instance, no amount of strategy will help you overcome the house edge on most slot machines. This, however, is not for everyone because not so many people are smart enough to pull it off.

What Are Some Conventional Advantage Play Techniques?

Some common advantage-play techniques include hole carding- where sharp-eyed players profit from careless dealers who unwittingly reveal tiny portions of the cards, shuffle tracking, or memorizing strings of cards to predict when specific cards will be dealt after they are shuffled. How about counting systems that monitor the already dealt cards to estimate the value of the cards remaining in the deck? Also included. From the name, talking about advantage play, blackjack, for example, carries a house edge. Still, unlike other casino games, the casino’s advantage can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the diverse advantage-play techniques. Though if you are not an advantage player, you can still get the best possible odds on the casino floor.

So What’s The Difference Between An Advantage Player And A Recreational Player?

What differentiates advantage players from a recreational player is that an advantage player likes to look for the occasional advantage by figuring out the math behind such play. Recreational players are often described as non-professional gamblers. When a person is labelled a recreational player, it explains part of why they are not professional players. They are generally classified into four based on playing habits, volume, and consistency of play, stakes and game types. These include explorers, hobbyists, settlers, and grinders. They are casual and fun players. Hopefully, by now, you can tell where you stand- as a recreational or advantage player.

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