Can Live Roulette In An Online Casino Be Fixed?

Live Roulette In Online Casino

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Virtual casinos are all the rage these days. The ease of access, incredible graphics, and many bonuses have contributed to its popularity. Fans of gambling from all over the world flock to them like flies to honey. But a considerable number of people are still skeptical about gambling online. It would seem really easy to program the game in such a way that you can never win. Can online live roulette with a live dealer be fixed too? Read on to find out.


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Is Online Live Roulette Fixed?

While betting online is incredibly popular, plenty of people maintain cautious distance. This is because they’re usually skeptical of the authenticity of virtual casinos. How do we know that they aren’t sent up in such a way that winning is virtually impossible? What if you’re never dealt with a winning combination of cards? What if the live roulette wheel to programmed to land on any combination but your selection?

Online Live Casino Versus Land-based Casino

At a land-based casino, you can actually witness these things being carried out. You can see the deck of cards being shuffled, or how the dealer spins the wheel. A lot less room for shady business, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Land-based casino games are, in fact, a lot easier to rig when compared to virtual ones? Surprised to hear this? We were too.

Online casino games, live roulette included are powered by a random number generator. That is based on an algorithm that generates a random combination of numbers that is impossible to predict or predetermine beforehand. And now, with the option of live dealers, you can play these games in real-time, and even interact with dealers. With live dealers, your outcomes are actually influenced by real dealers as opposed to a random number generator.

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Success Of Live Casinos

Additionally, online casinos are businesses. They, like any other company, would want their customers to return. How possible would that be if they went around rigging live online roulette games willy nilly? A returning, loyal customer is every company’s most profitable asset, and no online casino would risk losing a regular user by rigging their games. Furthermore, most online casinos are licensed and regulated. This means that their live roulette games are powered by legitimate, verified software. Besides, online casinos make more than enough money from their users by being completely transparent. It’s on you to make sure that the platform you’re betting with is trustworthy and not just after your money. Fixing their games would be a lot less beneficial in the long run.

It is true, however, that casinos, both land and virtual, have a house edge. But this doesn’t imply that their games are fixed, it just means that the casino has an advantage over the customer. This means that you have more chances of losing your bet against the casino. This has to be the case, or many of them would have gone out of business years ago.

FAQ: Can Roulette In An Online Casino Be fixed?


  • How do you play roulette?

  • What is the mechanism behind a roulette wheel?

    An online roulette wheel runs on betting software similar to a random number generator. However, roulette consists of specific numbers (0 to 36), colors (red or black), and types of betting markets (odd or even), etc. They designed, licensed, and built roulette software to make roulette entertaining and give punters a fair chance to win. Traditional roulette is run by spinning a ball on a spinning roulette table face-up.

  • What are the standard numbers in roulette?

    Ideally, roulette tables don’t have any particular standard numbers that show up more than other numbers. With enough spins, the law of probability dictates all numbers should appear an equal number of times. Punters tend to select numbers based on superstition, past performance, and biases. Roulette numbers help determine if a table is hot (or on a streak) or cold (possibility for losses).

  • What are the chances of hitting one specific number in roulette?

    A roulette table is marked from 0 to 36, with variations such as American roulette starting at 0, 00, 1, to 37. The number 0 belongs to the house and is considered the house edge in roulette. The odds for hitting a specific number are 1 in 37 in roulette and 1 in 38 odds for American roulette, which can be hard to predict accurately. Alternatively, punters prefer making outside bets (color or pair) instead.

  • How do roulette wheels work?

    Roulette wheels designs give random numbers on each spin from a specific set of predetermined numbers. They spin the wheel on the table clockwise while the ball is spun simultaneously in an anti-clockwise direction. Online roulette uses the same principles incorporated into digital roulette games built on random number generators and betting software. They vetted and licensed the software to make it extremely hard to sabotage a game of roulette.

  • Which is the best online casino to play roulette?

    Punters have access to several top online casinos with different online roulette variations, multiple gaming features, betting options, and offers. Rescuebet is home to numerous gaming and casino providers such as EBet, Asia Gaming, Big Gaming, AESexy, and Venus Casino. Each betting provider has different advantages and features through Rescuebet, such as making online roulette wagers using crypto.

  • How many numbers are there in roulette?

    Most roulette wheels are from the European version of roulette, with 36 numbers marked on the table in addition to 0. American roulette table designs give the house a higher edge with 00 (or double zero) between 0 and 36. It makes it slightly more accessible for a punter to win while playing European roulette versus American roulette.

  • How do you avoid significant losses in online roulette?

    Most professional bettors avoid significant losses while playing online roulette by adopting different betting strategies and bet sizing all wagers. First, a punter needs to adopt an effective wagering strategy limiting how much they wager on a single bet (between 0.5% to 5%). Then, a punter can choose an effective betting strategy such as the Paroli strategy, the Fibonacci sequence, the Martingale betting strategy, D’Alembert betting strategy, etc.

  • Why is there a computer attached to roulette tables in casinos?

    Some casinos have computers attached to roulette tables at casinos to take measurements and readings from each round. The computer connected to a table can accurately estimate the speed of the wheel, the speed of the ball, the number of revolutions, etc. All bets are on the table during this time, and an attached computer ensures accuracy and a fair wager.

  • Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when playing roulette?

    The easiest mistakes punters make when playing roulette is getting attached to certain biases. For example, with hindsight bias, if the ball lands on black five times out of 5, a punter may assume that it’s going to land on black again or it won’t. In reality, the odds of each round are close to 50-50, irrespective of the results of previous games. Past performance doesn’t determine the winner of future competitions in roulette.

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