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Esports Chain Betting Strategy Guide

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Do you love eSports? Want to learn about betting strategies that can help you win? Welcome back, I’m Samantha, and I’m your spokesperson for this eSports Betting video series by Rescuebet. In today’s episode, we will discuss about your guide to the Esports chain betting strategy. Before we begin, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss any videos from us. Once you’ve done that, now let’s dive in. There are diverse, more advanced betting options for people who desire a little more complexity in their eSports betting or those who have more advanced knowledge of their favorite game. Once you have figured out the basics, check out other betting options that you can find useful. One of these is the chain betting strategy.

So What Is A Chain Betting Strategy?

Imagine betting on esports not just for the fun of it but to win, you have to be prepared and rely on your guts, though not excessively. So knowing when to strike a balance is also crucial. While every seasoned bettor has a different complex strategy, which they polished after their first wager, chain betting is among the common strategies preferred by experienced bettors to achieve success in eSports betting.

With chain bets, if one or two of your selections in your chain loses, it doesn’t translate to outright loss. Here, the sequence is essential. You bet the same sum on every single match. If the first wins, the winnings minus the sum for the next selection is transferred to the chain account. In case the selection loses, the sum for the next bet is removed from the chain account. This goes on and on until either the chain or the sum in the account is exhausted. It’s that simple. Like any other strategy, this strategy requires in-depth knowledge of the eSports games and titles, including choosing the types of bets and teams you place your wagers on.

What you can do is to get started and take advantage of this strategy. Start small but with constant steps. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it and be better over time. To learn more from videos like this, stay tuned to our channel–don’t forget about the subscribe button! See you soon!


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