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Guide To Bet On Darts

How To Bet On Darts?

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Just like billiards, pool, and snooker, darts is a pub game that gained notoriety in pubs across England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. And when playing a sport in a pub, the athletes tend to drink. Drinking and playing make the game more fun and most professional athletes don’t mind having a sip or two in between sets. Throwing projectiles at targets has been around in different forms for ages. For example, Japanese shinobi threw shuriken projectiles at enemies or targets for centuries in defense and attack. Or the earliest darts used in France were made from arrows and/or crossbows. In the modern version of darts, dartists try to outperform each other by getting to a target first.

Guide To Bet On Darts

Darts is a game that’s easy to understand. It’s even easier to play because all you need is a dartboard and a few darts to start practicing. Over the past few decades, darts has become a mainstream sport in certain parts of the world. While it’s played recreationally in several parts of all continents. With the sport becoming more popular by the year, betting markets started to open up extensively. Today, an individual in East Asia can bet on a live tournament in Scotland. Here’s a look at how you can bet on darts and be profitable in the long run. Punters need to have a good understanding of the sport, understanding the different types of betting markets, adopting efficient betting models and strategies, following popular tournaments and players, and more. We take a look at some of them in detail below:

1. Understanding The Sport

It’s imperative that a punter planning to bet on darts knows a thing or two about how the sport is played. A punter can do so by either observing the game or playing the sport. Watching competitive games will help you understand how punters pace themselves over the course of a game, score points, deduct points, account for fouls, and so on. In darts, a player gets to throw three darts each before the next player throws three darts. And this process continues in turn until to reduce a set score of 501 to 0. The scoring may be increased or decreased depending on the type of tournament and the rules. For a player to win, they need to land on 0 exactly. If they go below 0, then they go bust and their original score is reset and they have to wait until the next round.

2. Types Of Betting Markets

A punter has access to several betting markets and types of in-game bets for dart games. A punter can bet on each round of three throws, or for every single throw, for the outright winner, for the set winner, and so on. The most popular dart betting market is the 1×2 market. Here a punter can bet on who they think will win a match before the game or after the game has begun. The futures dart market is betting on a winner or outcome before the match has begun, similar to financial futures.

3. Betting Strategies And Models

A punter betting on darts may win some and lose some. In order to be consistent and win more bets than you lose, a smart punter must learn how to incorporate betting strategies and models. This means analyzing different dart players and their stats, averages in different tournaments, head to head matchups, lowest scorers, etc. These strategies give punters the opportunity to profit regularly when they spot a value betting proposition.

4. Tournaments And Competitions

Punters can follow live tournaments and competitions online from local competitions, national dart games, championship games, and even in the World Cup. Different tournaments attract different players and betting markets from across the globe. In fact, because betting on darts is still in its nascent stages compared to other sports, a punter may spot a mispriced bet where different bookies provide different odds for the very same game.

5. Variations Of Darts

Several different variations of darts have come up over the past few years. And punters may have an opportunity in this betting market as well. Some examples include American darts, cricket darts, dart ball, dart golf, dart fives, killer, half-it, Shanghai darts, lawn darts, round the clock, etc. With so many variations, a punter can be spoilt for choice.