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In this episode, we will discuss proposition bets. What it is, and what it entails. Proposition bets are arguably the most exciting and entertaining form of sports betting. The awesomeness for entertainment value, coupled with their extreme profitability potential and being a major part of a long term winning strategy in sports betting are features that make proposition bets outstanding. To win with prop bets, you must be able to distinguish between skilled bets and those that are just for entertainment value. It is important to know the difference because you will not easily differentiate one from the other when you go to a site to make your bets. It all boils down to what your goals are. Prop bets are paid according to the associated odds posted with the particular bet.

So what is a proposition bet?

You have probably made several prop bets in your life without you knowing it. A good example is- if you have ever said, “I bet you $10 that you cannot jump the pole”, you have made a prop bet. Simply, a prop bet is a proposition, as its name implies, that you can do or cannot do something which is wagered on. From the example cited, you proposed a situation and attached a wager amount to it. That is a prop bet. Otherwise called “specials”, prop bets are in different shapes and sizes, usually offered someway for all sports. Though it can sometimes have a direct effect on the final outcome of a game, prop bets will typically not impact the eventual result.

And Proposition Bets are usually played for these reasons…

Fun vs Skilled

Prop bets serve two major purposes in sports betting. Firstly, they can be a source of entertainment and fun for bettors; especially for those who are new to a sport or the ones who do not fully understand the nuances of the games. The other purpose is that they can be a crucial piece of a long term profitable and winning sports betting strategy. This is what fun prop and skilled prop bets mean. The benefits of proposition bet include, but are not limited to betting flexibility, profitability, and entertaining intro to sports betting.

We hope you enjoy this video. To know more about sports betting tips and betting strategies, stay tuned for more videos in this MaxBet Tips web Series by RescueBet. Thank you for watching!


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