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The Growing Popularity Of Online Cockfighting Betting Sites

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Cockfighting is one of the oldest sporting events globally that existed solely for punters to make wagers. Cockfighting was similar to the UFC is today, except the sport was fought between two roosters. UFC has rules and regulations governing each game, while cockfighting results in the death of one of the participants. Over the years, the public’s general attitude towards cockfighting changed as the betting event was made illegal because of the brutal nature of the sport. Moreover, most betting houses that hosted cockfighting were at underground locations and illegal gambling setups. Over the last few decades, it led to the decline of cockfighting until the rise of online gambling in the 21st century.

The rise of online gambling enabled punters to participate in digital versions of cockfighting on various online betting platforms. SV388 is a leading game developer, and one of the few tools punters can access to make wagers on cockfighting online.

History Of Cockfighting

Traditionally, two male cocks fight each other until only one rooster is left standing. Male roosters are generally evenly matched and are hostile towards other males—this hostility through generations of evolution for the privilege to mate. Handlers attach sharp objects such as blades or knives to the leg of a rooster to injure the opposing rooster and ensure a higher level of competitiveness.

The Legal Status Of Cockfighting

Some countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Brazil, Japan, etc., have an outright ban on any form of cockfighting and most forms of animal fighting. Cockfighting is legal in some parts of Pakistan (but betting on it is illegal) and in a few other countries, such as Madagascar. Countries such as India have restrictions on cockfighting as a sport within traditions and customs.

Online cockfighting is very different from traditional cockfighting. In online cockfights, no real animals are present, and thus, no animals can potentially get injured or die after each game. Online cockfighting is legal in countries where making online wagers are legal.

Illegal forms of cockfighting require punters to pay for entry, gain access to an underground venue, face the risk of match-fixing, access to only limited odds based on the ring owner, etc. A punter couldn’t place a wager from any location or at any time, nor did a punter have access to better odds from multiple providers. Punters can play online cockfighting without any guilt or the need to fear using a phone, laptop, or computer at any time in the day. A punter needs an internet connection and a gambling wallet to deposit and withdraw betting funds to be used on SV388 Cockfighting.

Online Cockfighting

Very few betting providers host online cockfighting. Punters can make online cockfighting wagers on the online casino betting section of the Rescuebet platform. While online cockfighting is similar to other digital slot games, the features of cockfighting vary from different types of slot and casino card games. Punters can access online cockfighting developed by SV388 on the Rescuebet platform.

One of the essential features of online and regular cockfighting is the pedigree of the rooster a punter chooses to place a bet. The rooster with a better pedigree and more experience has a better chance of winning. A punter must select which rooster to wager against and bet based on past statistics, features, payouts, and expected returns.

SV388 cockfighting is an online game developed and designed for conscious bettors that still want to have fun and safely make a profit. Each round features two virtual roosters battling each other, and multiple punters can make a wager. If the rooster wagered is standing at the end, the punter can expect to receive a payout. To win consistently at cockfighting, a punter needs to have an equal amount of luck and skill.

For every correct prediction, a punter can expect a payout based on the odds and payout for each rooster. Games rarely ever end in draws, and more often than not, they will determine a clear winner at the end of the game. Apart from wagers on the game’s outcome, punters can also place bets on the winner of each round.

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