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Euro 2020 Group C Analysis

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To say that the latest edition of the games is under unique and rather unprecedented circumstances will be putting it mildly. However, after a rollercoaster of events that led to the suspension of the possibilities for a year, the 24 Euro 2020 teams will finally be taking to the pitch one by one, starting June 11. The ongoing pandemic is affecting various aspects of life as we know it. Unfortunately, like many other industries out there, the world of football wasn’t impervious to its barrage of attacks. As a result, it was inevitable that Euro 2020 would be shifted to a better, more favorable time.

Although the games will hold, specific measures currently in place still serve as a clear reminder that things aren’t back to normal in the football industry. For example, only a few Euro 2020 stadiums will be filled this time to the new regulation now allowing managers to extend their squad size to 26 instead of the traditional 23. As a result, the chances are that the Euro games we’ll be seeing will be significantly different from what we used to. But even with all that, we can’t help but wait in anticipation for the games to begin correctly. In truth, many things have changed, and that transition may continue long into the future. However, one thing that remains the same is that we still need to analyze and make predictions for the group stage games. With that in mind, here’s what you’re likely to see if you put the four teams in the Euro 2020 Group C section under the microscope.

With The Netherlands In Euro 2020 Group C

Lady Luck hasn’t always smiled on this team when they play at this level. Not only are they the most successful international team who don’t have a FIFA World Cup win to their name, but they also seem almost incapable of pulling off a convincing performance in the European Championships. Frank de Boer will be shooting to break this bad record with his team of star players this time around. Although the challenge they’ll meet will be great, the Oranje look like they’re ready to win now, come what may.

With Austria In Euro 2020 Group C

Manager Franco Foda has quality material to work with this time; so much will depend on how he chooses to play the cards he has at hand. There’s no doubt that veteran David Alaba will feature prominently in his plans, though no one can say just where he will choose to utilize him. With Sasa Kalajdzic to the Austrian squad, the team has a higher chance of winning now.

With Ukraine In Euro 2020 Group C

With Oleksandr Zinchenko guarding the back and Ruslan Malinovskiy using his abundance of creativity to threaten the opposition in the front Coach, Andriy Shevchenko is hoping to use his squad of young, sensational players to make history. Much will be determined by the former Chelsea player’s managerial understanding as there is no controversy that he has one of the best teams in this competition.

With North Macedonia In Euro 2020 Group C

Many are wondering, what can debutants North Macedonia do with their golden ticket into the big leagues? As one of the two new names in this tournament, manager Igor Angelovski will likely be surrounding ace striker Goran Pandev with the exemplary new talents he now has on hand to create something beautiful on the group stage.

What to Expect In Euro 2020 Group C

The Netherlands is very likely to lead Euro 2020 Group C, followed closely by Austria. Ukraine may get in a good shot here, but that is if they can balance their forces. It means that the newcomers, North Macedonia, may very well not see the knockout stage. And that’s all on Euro 2020 Group C. Check out the following group analysis here.

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