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Euro 2020 Group C Predictions

UEFA EURO2020 Group C Predictions Blog Featured ImageUEFA EURO2020 Group C Predictions Blog

No more do we have to wait to have our fill of the best countries in Europe clashing on the field of football. With June 11 mere days away, the reality of the commencement of the Euro 2020 games is finally in complete focus. The group stage is not only a critical prelude to the knockout round, but it also serves as one of the most fertile grounds to place good bets and win big. But how do you know which wagers to place? What can you expect from the fine array of squads that will be taking to the field over the summer? Seeing as the Euro 2020 games are now so close, they’re virtually within touching distance. So it is now possible, not to mention more accessible, to make more accurate predictions on how each of the six groups will look after the last game on June 23.

Rescuebet Euro 2020 Group C Predictions

As you know, Euro 2020 Group C sets the center stage for the combat between Austria, North Macedonia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. Therefore, without accounting for unexpected developments like injuries or sudden weather changes, here is one of the most likely outcomes of the match-up in Euro 2020 Group C.

For North Macedonia In Euro 2020 Group C

While it seems like Euro 2020 Group C is highly overpowered against the newcomers, let us remember that they’ve shown that they can pull off impressive and unprecedented results—case in point, their winning match against Germany, where they shocked the world. Whether this was a fluke or an indicator that their game has improved, we’ll know when they meet Austria on the pitch. Till then, all signs point to them losing out in the group stage.

For Austria In Euro 2020 Group C

Currently, the chances are that Austria won’t be feeling too confident about taking many points from Oranje or the Turks. The level of disparity in present form drives this point home entirely. However, they still stand a chance of sealing the third position for their side because their recent record against debutants North Macedonia is more than comforting. Whooping Igor Angelovski’s boys both home and away during the Euro qualifying, the stakes are high they have it in them to do it again. However, it would still be necessary for them to up their game first.

For Ukraine In Euro 2020 Group C

Thanks to a string of what can only be described as miserable circumstances, the truly gifted Ukrainian side ended their Nations League A group campaign poorly. They cannot accurately gauge the expected output in terms of performance as they did well in the Euro qualifiers only to perform haphazardly in the World Cup qualifying games. Still, they’re currently in far better shape than North Macedonia and Austria. Subsequently, their runner-up position is all but sure at the moment.

For the Netherlands In Euro 2020 Group C

Coach Frank de Boer will be marching his squad into this campaign, knowing fully well that they are the side favored to come out the winners in Euro 2020 Group C. While this mightn’t be immediately apparent because this lineup conspicuously misses the powerful center-back, Virgil van Dijk, the team hasn’t had a very consistent style of play recently. Be that as it may, any team that will beat the Oranje will have to go above and beyond in preparation and execution to do so. However, thanks to the home advantage for their games, the Netherlands is expected to lead at this stage.

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