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Euro 2020 Group D Analysis

Euro 2020 Group D Analysis Blog Featured ImageEuro 2020 Group D Analysis Blog

After waiting so long for the UEFA Euro 2020 games to begin, the few days left before playoffs officially commence seems almost too torturous to bear. However, one thing that has served in a big way to help alleviate the agony of waiting has been the speculation and analysis falling around surrounding how each team is likely to perform in the coming days.

Had the tournament been held like it was initially scheduled to last year, there is every possibility that things would have turned out much differently. Specifically, specific teams won’t have to enter the European Championship games without leading players down and out due to injury. In addition, countries like Wales would probably not go into this event without their choice manager. However, it is also likely that some of the new talents we will have the opportunity to witness now wouldn’t have made the squad list or feature so prominently. The various absences and new faces we’ll be seeing in Euro 2020 stadiums this time will go a long way in influencing which team become the Euro 2020 winners on the 11th of July.

With everything all but set for the UEFA Euro 2020 players to do what they are best at, Rescuebet is more than happy to share its analysis and opinion on how things are most likely to play out at the group stage level. By presenting our evaluation on the favorites and dark horses in Groups A, B, and C, here’s our opinion on what to expect from the teams in Euro 2020 Group D.

Our Take On England’s Chances

While we are sure to see some fierce and highly competitive football here, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that teams like the Czech Republic, Scotland, and even Croatia are a bit unlucky to be paired against Southgate’s squad in this round. More than motivated to outdo their performance in the 2018 World Cup games, the English team is highly likely to pile on the group members’ misery and finish first with relative ease.

Our Take On Croatia’s Chances

Although manager Zlatko Dalic will have players who can deliver results to call on here, such as Luka Modric, Marcelo Brozovic, and Ivan Rakitic, the fact that the legends are aging may start to tell. Not to be underestimated, the 2018 World Cup Finalists can still put pressure on even England. But their young blood will have to be at the very top of their game to help this country secure its rightful second position in Euro 2020 Group D.

Our Take On The Czech Republic’s Chances

An unstable performance on the part of Jaroslav Silhavy’s men makes their fate in Euro 2020 Group D a bit hard to tell. While the Czech Republic squad proved good enough to drag FIFA’s number one ranked country, Belgium, to a stalemate, losses to Wales and Scotland imply you can’t rely on any result from the squad. Still, they’re a bundle of surprises and promise a real thrill.

Our Take On Scotland’s Chances

With high odds stacked against them, it would take a miracle for the Scots to make it into the knockout round. While no one doubts their fighting spirit, the question remains on how much they can achieve. In the end, England and Croatia are sure to move on while a surprising turn of events might put Scotland ahead of the Czech Republic. Are you ready for our subsequent group stage analysis? See here.

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