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Euro 2020 Group D Predictions

Euro 2020 Group D Predictions Blog Featured ImageEuro 2020 Group D Predictions Blog

Without the massive interruption that Eurogames faced due to the pandemic, things are always moving fast, and changes happen on a dime in this European Championship. However, with the start of the 16th edition of the Eurogames finally picked and new rules like the squad expansion put into effect, we can now hope to enjoy good quality international football this summer. Names have appeared, the stage has been set, and now, it is for the star attractions to do their thing when June 11 finally arrives. Making well-grounded and researched predictions is a part of the fun and enjoyment that comes with watching football games. So whether you want to know purely out of curiosity, or you need the information to decide better how to place your wagers in the coming games, see Rescuebets’ prediction of the most probable outcome of events in the Euro 2020 Group D to walk you through.

Euro 2020 Group D – From The Beginning

The contenders in the fourth group of the Eurogames this time around are none other than Croatia, England, Scotland, and the Czech Republic. With each of these teams having one significant edge or the other over their counterparts, what can you expect from the four squads? See this!

Euro 2020 Group D Croats Squad Performance

As has been mentioned, the performance of Dalic’s men on away ground leaves much to be desired. While no one sees the chances of Croats proving overly tricky for the Southgate team, they would have stood a chance of placing better here if only they had what it took to beat Scotland. Sadly, their last four encounters have ended in defeat for the Croats, and only their slightly superior squad will help them get by the Czech Republic, if at all they do.

Euro 2020 Group D Czechs Squad Performance

The Czech Republic had a reasonably rewarding outing at the Nations League B, with the only blemish there being their loss to Scotland. With an Elo rating of 27th, Jaroslav Silhavy’s squad might find themselves crashing out here as they have the weakest lineup in Euro 2020 Group D. However, that might change if they can turn this around by gaining points from the Croats.

Euro 2020 Group D English Squad Performance

A solid and capable squad has always been England’s forte, and this time is no different. A few other countries found themselves lacking in critical areas and are shuffling pieces around to compensate for this. However, Southgate had his pick of the finest players in the world right now for his squad. While their meeting with Croatia may be foreshadowed by their loss to Zlatko Dalic’s side at the World Cup in 2018, the Three Lions can take solace in the fact that their subsequent encounter with the Croatians ended in their favor, albeit marginally. Tipped as the favorites to become Euro 2020 winners, make no mistake, the English will use their home advantage to the fullest and reign supreme in Euro 2020 Group D.

Euro 2020 Group D Scottish Squad Performance

The Scots have two things going for them right now that should make their counterparts wary of them. The first is that they will be playing two games in this round in their home stadium for the first time in decades. This alone is a powerful enough motivator for them to outdo themselves. The second is that Steve Clark’s men are in some excellent form right now. Coupled with the fact that they’ve repeatedly shown that they can best the Czech Republic and the fact that Croatia’s away performance right now is woeful, the Scots might be able to get the second position in Euro 2020 Group D.

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