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Euro 2020 Group E Analysis

Euro 2020 Group E Analysis Blog Featured ImageEuro 2020 Group E Analysis Blog

With 100% assurance (at least at this very moment) that the UEFA Euro 2020 games will indeed be kicking off this weekend, you now know that you can finally start taking your preparations for the tournament seriously. A big part of knowing what moves to make, bets to place, and even games to watch here is critically evaluating the stance of each team in the respective groups and determining where your time, and money, are well spent. As 24 countries have already been allotted to various groups and even the match fixtures and schedules for the 36 games to be played at this stage have already been released, you have your work cut out for you when determining how best to move forward plans in the coming competition.

In all fairness, every squad that has made it this far has given it their all, and if it were possible, we’re confident that more than a few people would like to see more teams than one walk away with the Euro 2020 trophy. As one country can be recognized as winners, it becomes the duty and obligation of interested viewers and bettors to identify which teams will make it and which team will have to go back home when the last match of the group stage is played. As you can imagine, there is any number of resources you can adapt to meet these ends. But, one of the best and most accurate tools you can add to your arsenal and use here is the group stage performance analysis brought to you by Rescuebet. Objective, accurate, and very concise can prove invaluable to helping you realize your goals here. Without saying much, here is what we have come to believe you can expect from the teams in the Euro 2020 Group E.

Analysis Of The Spanish Squad In Euro 2020 Group E

The Spaniards have been through a lot to come this far, both on and off the pitch. The La Furia Roja squad seems a bit shaky at first glance, but the wealth of experience and talent that they have on reserve ensures that they remain a firm contender for the trophy. No one knows how far they will make it, but they are the favorites to top Euro 2020 Group E for sure.

Analysis Of The Polish Squad In Euro 2020 Group E

With the ultimate success or failure of their campaign resting on Lewandoski’s phenomenon, Paulo Sousa’s men may be strong contenders for second place here, depending on the form of this striker in the coming days. In light of how well-grounded their defense is, they have the potential to go far in the games.

Analysis Of The Swedish Squad In Euro 2020 Group E

With Janne Andersson’s confirmation that Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t be present in the Euro games, the Swedes will have to rely heavily on the likes of prodigy Alexander Isak and Dejan Kulusevski to see them through. Naturally, they will put in their best to earn a second spot here, but failing that, they are sure to be in third place.

Analysis Of The Slovakian Squad In Euro 2020 Group E

A capable team in its own right will struggle here only because the other teams here are tough and very experienced opponents. So barring a miracle, Slovakia’s Euro 2020 run might end here.

For information on the “Group of Death,” see our next post.

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