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Euro 2020 Group E Predictions

Euro 2020 Group E Predictions Blog Featured ImageEuro 2020 Group E Predictions Blog

Want to make the most well-informed bets when the Euro 2020 games kick into full swing? You cannot find a better place to get the betting predictions you need to place those wagers than where you are now! As you are likely already aware, accurately estimating the outcome of any football event not only takes a lot of practice, in the first place, it requires you to use the suitable parameters to make your decisions.

Here at Rescuebet, we’ll be basing our Euro 2020 Group E predictions on various factors going from the current and recent form of each country’s squad to the level of quality we expect each lineup to be able to put out. Then, we combine these variables, run extensive analysis and present our findings in a way that is easy to grasp and interpret. Our betting tipsters are some of the best in the world and go the extra mile to deliver you valuable insights and football tips you can work with for this UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Moving forward, it is pertinent that we remind you that far more goes into becoming crowned the Euro 2020 winners than simply clearing the group stage in the first place. A classic example of this fact is that Portugal finished third in their group in the 2016 edition of the European Championship but still claimed the final prize in the end. With that said, see what we have to say about the penultimate Euro 2020 group E.

Rescuebet Predictions On Euro 2020 Group E

Things will be more than a little tight to call precisely here in a group containing Spain, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden. Nevertheless, below are the most feasible outcomes as well as likely reasons for such results.

Spain For The Win In Euro 2020 Group E

It’s obvious to everyone right now that the Spaniards aren’t playing on the level that we know that they can at the moment. While it isn’t yet clear whether they’ll be able to shake off this funk and get their full groove back on, the fact that home fans will be crying for glory behind them in all their group stage matches is a significant factor; no one should overlook. Because of this, among other things, we see Luis Enrique’s men finishing at the top of the pile here.

Poland, The Most Likely Runner-up In Euro 2020 Group E

Poland is well in the race in Euro 2020 Group E battle, with prominent names like Robert Lewandoski, Paulo Sousa, and Mateusz Klich in their lineup. But one reason that even their placing second here isn’t given is that their gameplay can be plagued with terrible inconsistencies at the most inopportune times. Still, they have a slight edge over Sweden and Slovakia.

Sweden A Close Third

Even though they will be entering this campaign without one of their most essential hopefuls, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedes have what it takes to displace Poland if the latter doesn’t put all its ducks in a row. After that, they are almost certain to beat Slovakia, the worst they can end up with here in third place.

Slovakia To Crash Out

While Slovakia doesn’t have the rich football history that many other European countries possess, it’s still a bit of a mystery why their style of play has been so haphazard in recent times. The problem certainly isn’t the lineup, as their squad boasts the likes of Hamsik and Weiss. However, if Stefan Markovic doesn’t find a way to turn things around, Slovakia will likely finish at the bottom of the rung.
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