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Mastering 5 Effective Horse Racing Betting Strategies

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Horse racing is an old sport played in ancient city States such as Rome, Athens, Delhi, and several other places. Today, horse racing is still popular and is followed and wagered on by punters in different countries. While punters have bet and made wagers on horse races for several centuries, betting on horse racing gained popularity in the 17th century in the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth States.

Horse racing continues to grow as individuals make wagers at the racecourse and bets online. With better accessibility, more individuals in Malaysia and Asia could make wagers on races in the region, the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Rescuebet is a popular option for punters to make wagers on horse races. Members gain access to premium features of the platform, additional incentives, bonuses, access to multiple betting markets, access to various sports betting providers, news, podcasts, curated videos, and gambling content.

Horse racing strategies

Some key horse racing betting strategies include legality at various venues, Parimutuel betting, making different types of wagers on other races, and bets on virtual horse racing.

1. Legality

The legality of horse racing varies from country to country. More countries are moving to regulate or legalize gambling and betting on horse racing. Wagers made in races represent a significant portion of tax revenue for States. If gambling isn’t regulated, punters continue to make wagers in illegal ways, contributing to black money flowing into the system. The legality of horse racing can also vary from state to state or region to region within a country. For example, punters can make wagers in several States in the United States of America except in areas such as South Carolina. A punter can alternatively make a wager on a sporting event where in-person betting is illegal by making a horse racing wager online.

2. Parimutuel Betting

Parimutuel betting is a type of pool betting system where punters pool their wagers into one bet. After the bets are placed, the costs and taxes are deducted, with the winnings returned to the right betting pool. Most places that have horse race tracks and host races generally take Parimutuel wagers. Some sites may not allow any form of chances apart from Parimutuel wagers. Parimutuel betting offers limited betting markets to punters as most wagers are made on the first place or stage finish.

3. Types Of Wagers

Punters have access to several types of horse betting wagers. Some of the bets punters can make in horse racing include wagering on a win, place, show, each-way, across the board, exotic wagers, exacta, trifecta, superfecta, wheel, and daily double. A win, place, or show is a wager on the horse and jockey to win a race, to finish in a place or show position (top-3). The payout for a place or show is lower than predicting the outright winner. An each-way is similar to an across-the-board wager where a punter makes one wager split in two outcomes (win and place).

4. Types Of Races

Apart from making different wagers, punters can make wagers on different types of horse races and horse racing events. Some types of races punters can make wagers on include endurance racing, flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, quarter horse racing, stakes racing, maiden racing, and other races. Punters can also choose to make wagers on individual events or group events with the higher payout gained in group wagers. Domestic and amateur horse racing markets are popular betting markets with frequent mispriced odds compared to main betting events.

5. Virtual Horse Racing

Punters can sign up with sportsbooks offering virtual horse racing 365 days a year. Live horse racing events don’t take place all the time. Some races occur on certain days, while others occur during certain seasons. Punters can make a wager on virtual horse racing events at any time and from any location. For example, when several countries entered into lockdowns at different times, horse racing was one of the first events to be paused, restricting fans and punters to limited options for more than a year. During COVID-19, several punters started making wagers on virtual horse racing, which was more frequent and reliable.

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