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Parimutuel Sports Betting Strategy

How To Use The Parimutuel Betting Strategy?

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The Parimutuel strategy is an integral sports betting strategy for betting on successful outcomes in sporting events. In fact, without a strategy, it’s next to impossible for a punter to accurately predict the outcomes of sporting events in the long run. And today, punters have access to various betting strategies and systems to incorporate into their betting style. Punters have access to strategies such as the Parimutuel betting strategy, progressive betting strategy, Labouchere betting strategy, reverse Labouchere betting strategy, D’Alembert betting strategy, Fibonacci betting strategy, Paroli betting strategy, Martingale betting strategy, and many more betting strategies. We take a deeper look at the parimutuel betting strategy, the types of bets, and access to other betting systems on Rescuebet.

Parimutuel Sports Betting Strategy

Parimutuel sports betting is a betting strategy that has French origins. The sports betting system was engineered in 1867 by Joseph Oller. The meaning of the term parimutuel means mutual betting. Thus, all similar bets made with a sportsbook are grouped together and the house take is deducted from the total. The winnings are distributed among the bet winners as per calculated payoff odds. Usually, the payoff odds are usually determined after the betting pool is closed. Thus, making it a variable odds betting system. Alternatively, in a fixed betting strategy, the odds, and payout are fixed at the time a bet is made and not after the result.

For some sports, the odds become increasingly hard to calculate with multiple outcomes. Examples include horse racing with several horses and races. Eventually, this led to the ingenious invention of the tote machine. The tote or the totalisator was first adopted at the turn of the 20th century. Several racecourses around the world started to adopt the tote board. Parimutuel sports betting is mostly utilized by punters on sporting events in which the winners are identified in a relatively short duration. The winners of such sporting events are placed in a ranked order such as one, two, three, or first, second, etc. Punters use the Parimutuel betting strategy to bet on sporting events. Sporting events such as horse racing, dog racing, lottery betting, jai alai, and other games. In the Parimutuel betting system, a punter places a wager against the bets of other punters. However, this is unlike in most traditional wagers where a punter is betting against the house. The house has very little chance of losing any money on Parimutuel bets.

Types Of Parimutuel Bets

Parimutuel bets include betting on single races or multiple races. The different types of Parimutuel bets on single races include:

  • Win bet – Picking a winner.
  • Place bet – Picking a winner or a first runner up.
  • Show bet – Picking a winner or a second or third-place finish.
  • Betting across the board – Placing three different bets or one each for the winner, second (place), and third (show).
  • Exacta – Picking two horses (or teams) to finish in first and second in that specific order.
  • Trifecta – Picking three horses (or teams) to finish in first, second, and third in that specific order.

The different types of Parimutuel bets on multiple races include:

  • Double – Picking a winner in two consecutive races such as the daily double (the first two races on a day) and the late double (the last two races of the day).
  • Triple – Picking a winner in three successive races.
  • Quadrella – A punter must pick the winners of four races on the same race track.
  • Jackpot – Jackpot bets usually involve one winner winning a jackpot.
  • Accumulator – The winnings of each successive bet are placed on the next bet.

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