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Hi and welcome to the continuation of the Online Casino video series by Rescuebet. I’m Sharon, and I’m the spokesperson for this web series. In this episode, we will consider online casino negative progression system. What is the online casino negative progression system? And who is it for? Besides, if we have a negative progression system, does that mean there is a positive progression system? If yes, what differentiates them? Let’s get to these points:

Why Progressive Betting Systems?

Progressive betting systems have been long known with gamblers. One reason for this is because they can be learned very quickly. The negative progression system in online casinos is a type of betting system where you vary your betting units after a loss.

Do You Know What a Martingale System Is?

The Martingale system is the most famous type of this system, in which the onus rests on the players to increase their bets by a factor of two following a loss. For example, if you bet $10 and lose, you will wager a $20 next time. The negative progression betting system has many versions, but none is as simplified as Martingale.

How Does a Negative Progression Works Then?

While the positive progression suggests that you increase stakes when you win and decrease stakes when you lose, the negative progression involves increasing stakes when you lose and decreasing stakes when you win. Also, there are positive progression betting systems, and over time, debates have been raging about which styles are better or more preferable? The thing is, there is no clear-cut answer to this. The bottom line is that you can use any betting system as long as it earns you the desired win. Using a particular one won’t give you a particular edge over the casino. This system is often considered a recipe for disaster as gamblers often get tempted to use the system owing to the appearance at first glance — no guarantee of when a losing streak will come to an end in the negative progression system.

For more other online casino betting system and strategies, stay tune for other video in this Online Casino web series. Thank you for watching!

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