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The Basics Of The Anti-Martingale Betting System

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The anti-Martingale strategy is a positive betting system. Under this system, a punter is required to increase the wager staked after a win. And consequently, decrease any wagers made following a loss or multiple losses. In essence, punters are bound to face a winning or losing streak over the course of a few rounds. This can be at any game with even results (such as 1-1 odds). Punters can take advantage of winning streaks by increasing the bet sizes. And also minimize losses by decreasing wagers placed during losing streaks. However, a punter’s profitability is determined by the number of streaks that occur during a game. In fact, most professionals consider the anti-Martingale betting strategy safe. Some would say safer than the original Martingale betting strategy.

Differences Between Anti-Martingale And Martingale

The anti-martingale sports betting strategy is the opposite of the Martingale betting strategy. To understand the anti-Martingale strategy, we need to also look at the Martingale betting strategy. Some of the differences between the two strategies include:

  1. Type of strategy – The Martingale betting strategy is a negative progressive betting strategy. A punter is required to increase their stake after a loss and decrease their stake after a win. Whereas, the anti-Martingale betting strategy is a positive progressive strategy. A punter increases their stake after a win and vice versa.
  2. The difference in winnings – The Martingale betting system makes small losses over several bets. The system also seeks to recoup losses over a single or few bets. The anti-Martingale system plays on the potential streaks a punter is bound to face.
  3. The level of risk – The Martingale strategy is considered riskier than the anti-Martingale system. Under the former betting system, a punter can be wiped out on a single losing streak. Whereas, under the latter betting system, a punter is minimizing losses after each loss.

Anti-Martingale Features

Some of the features of the anti-Martingale sports betting strategy include:

1. Set a Wagering Unit

A punter must set a wagering unit in proportion to their betting bankroll. Punters willing to take on more risk to make a higher profit can set a higher wagering unit (such as 3% or higher). A punter not willing to take on risk to secure their funds can set a lower wagering unit. An example of a low wagering unit is 0.5% or 1% of the punter’s bankroll.

2. Double The Stake After a Win

After a win, a punter must increase the next stake wager. So after a win, a punter will essentially double the wager placed. In other words, the amount won from the stake is placed with the original wager and combined to form the next round’s wager. This is also known as ‘letting it ride’. So if a punter places a wager of $3 in the first bet and wins, the punter will place a wager of $6 on the next bet. Should the punter win again, then the next wager will be at $12.

3. Divide By 2 After a Loss

If a punter loses, then the punter must go back a step in the betting process by lowering the stake placed in the next bet. A loss is an indication that a punter may lose more money (should the punter experience another loss in the next wager). If a punter places a wager of $8 and loses, then a punter will wager $4 in the next round. If the punter loses the next round again, the next wager will go down to $2. However, if the punter wins, then the punter doubles up and stakes $8 in the next round.

4. Set Streak Limits

Winning streaks are fun, however, they’re also not infinite. Every streak ends at some point and it’s prudent that a punter sets betting streak limits – especially while winning. If a punter is losing, then even on the worst streak, the punter goes back to his original base stake. However, after a set of 3, 4, or 5 wins, a punter should consider taking the winnings off the table and starting a new streak. A punter also needs to consider what a reasonable streak limit is. A streak limit set too high may cost the punter to lose money from past rounds and the wager may be higher than the permissible limit.

5. Used To Trade In Stocks

The anti-Martingale betting strategy has theoretical and practical applications for stock analysts and investors. Every participant of the stock market pays attention to trends.

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