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Labouchere Sports Betting Strategy

How To Use The Labouchere Betting Strategy?

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Punters who choose to employ a betting strategy are more successful than punters that choose not to employ one. However, simply applying the same strategy to all betting scenarios does not always work. While one strategy is bound to work under certain conditions most of the time, it may not work for a portion of the other time. Or another strategy such as the Labouchere strategy may fit a slightly altered scenario better. And with sports betting, anything can happen because of the nature of the sport and the number of probable results. A strategy is a set of rules that may be simple or complicated. A punter must follow these rules for a strategy to be successful and profitable. Over the years, punters have adopted several sports betting strategies each with varying degrees of effectiveness. Right from the Fibonacci sports betting strategy to the reverse Labouchere sports betting system. Let’s take a look at the Labouchere sports betting strategy – one of the more complicated sports betting systems in detail.

Labouchere Sports Betting

The Labouchere sports betting strategy is a negative progressive betting strategy. With a negative progressive betting strategy, a punter will decrease the amount wagered after a win. Similarly, after a loss, a punter will increase the amount wagered in the next bet to make up for past losses. This strategy was developed by Henry Labouchere who was a prolific roulette player. Moreover, this strategy is designed for use in certain games within roulette such as betting on color or odd/even. To better understand this betting strategy, we need to look at an example. The first step a punter needs to do is make a list of numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 1. This list or sequence is the way a punter is going to bet. For each wager, a punter must add the first and last number in the list (1+1=2). If a punter wins the bet, the two numbers can be struck off the list and the punter moves on to the next bet (2+5=7). However, if a punter loses a bet, then the amount lost is added back right at the end.

Labouchere Sports Betting Strategy Features

Some of the key features of the Labouchere sports betting strategy include:

1. Can Get Complex

The Labouchere sports betting strategy can be hard to understand for someone who’s never used or applied the system first-hand. It’s even harder to keep track of multiple bets without the use of a book or a computer.

2. Requires A Smaller Number Of Wins

The Labouchere betting system is similar to the Martingale betting system. However, the latter seeks to recoup losses in a single bet while the former does the same over a few wagers. A punter can be profitable with only a smaller number of critical wins.

3. Even Proposition

This strategy works on all games with an even proposition. Punters can use this strategy on casino games such as roulette, blackjack, sports betting, baccarat, etc. Punters can look to adapt various sequences based on different sporting events with two betting outcomes.

4. Use 0’s In Longer Sequences

A winning streak isn’t a bad thing, but it does become an issue in a long sequence of numbers. A punter’s bet size starts to increase drastically by the time a loss comes about. Punters should include adding 0 (multiple times even) over longer sequences to spread the level of risk.

5. Long And Short Sequences

Punters can use shorter sequences for short plays and break losing streaks. Similarly, punters can use longer sequences to make a higher profit. However, it’s advisable that punters looking to adopt this strategy get familiar with shorter sequences first before moving on to medium and longer sequences.

6. Losing Streaks Can Be Lethal

A losing steak can be lethal in any betting event and the same holds true while employing the Labouchere betting system. With just a few losses, a punter may end up betting a very high amount to make up for previous losses. An amount that’s even higher than the punter’s bankroll or budget.

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