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The Method of Tank Attack Betting Strategy

The Method of Tank Attack Betting Strategy Blog Featured ImageThe Method of Tank Attack Betting Strategy Blog

A tank attack betting strategy is a strategic betting strategy utilized by different types of punters for various betting situations. The name tank attack is from an army attack formation using fast tanks that are durable against attack. Each tank can represent a different strategy, type of bet, wager on another sport, or even a different type of betting market. The number of tanks a punter chooses to have can also vary. However, a higher number of tanks can be more challenging to track when making multiple wagers at once. For example, it can be hard to make one hundred $1 wagers on 100 different outcomes simultaneously. A punter must also consider which portion of their bankroll to dedicate to a tank attack betting strategy.

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Tank Attack Betting

A punter divides their funds into various parts. If a punter has a bankroll of $100, they can choose to divide it into two $50 parts, three $33.33 parts, four $25 parts, five $20 parts, or a hundred $1 parts. The number of factors to deploy in wagers depends on the punter’s betting goals, betting strategy, and risk preference. A punter with a higher risk level can choose a three or four tank betting strategy by dividing the betting funds into three or four equal parts. Then, each wager is placed on a different outcome or betting event with reasonable odds of 1x to 2x with the median chance at 1.5x odds. For example, a punter with $100 can make a 3-tank attack betting strategy. Each tank represents a bet listed below.

Tank Bet 1: A punter can place a $33 wager on a game between Everton and Chelsea for Everton to win. If Everton wins the wager, the punter can expect a $70 payout or double the money wagered. The $70 is on another similar bet with the same payout, and if the punter wins a second time, they take home $140.

Tank Bet 2: The punter can place a second wager of $33 on a game between Barcelona and Valencia. If Valencia beats Barcelona, the punter wins 2x the amount wagered. If the punter wins, he must place all the winnings of the wager on another wager with a 2x payout. In this case, the punter can win up to $140 for two correct stakes on this tank.

Tank Bet 3: The punter can place a third wager of $34 for PSG to beat Monaco in the French League. If PSG wins, the punter wins $60, which is almost double the bet placed. The punter then puts the same $60 on another wager with relatively the same odds and payout. If the punter wins this wager as well, they make approximately $120.

In the example above, if every wager pays off, the punter can expect 140+140+120 or $400 when starting with $100. If a punter loses one or two tanks, they’re still at least $40 up, making tank attack betting a popular betting strategy among bettors.

Lose All Tanks

In the rare event, a punter loses all tanks, then the entire amount dedicated towards a tank attack wager is lost. Risk-averse bettors generally select at least five and, in some cases, ten tanks to spread the risk of loss among multiple outcomes. However, betting on too many products can harm the expected outcome from a tank attack wagering strategy. A punter utilizes only a portion of their betting funds towards a tank attack betting strategy. When starting, a punter can use amounts as little as $10 to test the system before deploying additional capital.


In most tank attack wagers, the higher the odds in the selection, the more unlikely a punter is to win. With higher odds, a punter also has a higher chance of winning more across a few wagers. As a general rule, if a punter makes a tank wager on two or more outcomes with 1.5x odds (a relatively safe wagering strategy), then a punter can expect to double their bankroll if they win all tanks. The lower the odds, the higher the possibility of winning a smaller amount on each wager.

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