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Sports Betting Types: Draw No Bet

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Traditionally, a punter is required to make a wager on one out of three outcomes in games such as football: a win, draw, or loss. A draw no bet wager enables a punter to make a wager on one out of two outcomes. Instead of making a selection on three results, a draw no bet allows a punter to make a wager on two products. While draw no bets are popular among risk-averse bettors, most punters prefer making wagers on regular outcomes for better odds and payouts. Draw no bet wagers have gained popularity since the 1990s and continue to encompass new betting markets outside football. A draw no bet wager gives a punter a higher sense of security when making an unpredictable or risky wager. However, draw no bet wagers cannot be applied to all betting situations and not to all sports types. A punter needs to adopt a draw no bet strategy for certain games and bet cases to profit from a wager.

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Features Of Draw No Bets

Some of the features of draw no bets include:

Possible outcomes

While a punter may feel a draw may occur one-third of the time, statistics indicate otherwise. For the past ten seasons in the EPL, teams have drawn games 25% of the time on average. While 25% is still marginally less than 33%, a punter still has a 1 in 4 chance of losing the wager because of a draw as a different possible outcome. A draw no bet type of wager eliminates the possibility of a tie, leaving the punter to focus on either a win or loss.

Wager On a Team To Win

When making a draw no bet wager, a punter is essentially making a wager for a team to win and the opposing team to lose. A draw no bet wager works better for games between evenly matched teams or leagues most likely to produce draw results. Essentially, a game between two top teams, two mid-table teams, or two teams in relegation is a safe bet. However, if one team is more likely to win the game, a punter stands to make higher profits making a regular wager on the match outcome.


Punters use draw no bet wagers as a risk management betting strategy. A draw no bet wager gives a punter a higher probability of winning the wager at the cost of a lower payout. While the risk is minimized, punters always seek higher profits whenever possible. Punters need to adopt a draw no bet strategy for certain games to reduce risks and losses in the long run.

Alternative Types Of Bets

If a punter feels a draw outcome is highly likely than an unlikely event, then a punter can profit from it with a double-chance bet. A double-chance wager enables a punter to make a wager on a team to draw or win, draw or lose, and profit if either prediction is accurate. Alternatively, a punter can also lay a bet indicating a team won’t win. If the opposing team secures a draw or a win, then a punter wins, giving the punter an edge on two outcomes.

Draw No Bet Outcomes

Some of the possible outcomes on a no draw bet include:

  1. Win – If a punter makes a wager on a team to win and wins the game, the punter can expect to receive a payout.
  2. Loss – If a punter makes a wager on a team to win, but the team loses the game, the punter then loses the wager stake.
  3. Draw – If a punter makes a wager on a team to win and the game ends in a draw, then all bets are refunded. A punter can then either withdraw these funds or use these funds for subsequent wagers.

For example, a punter can draw a no bet wager on a game between Burnley and Crystal Palace. The punter may feel a team has an edge, but the possibility of a draw still exists, and interest no bet is a safe wager in this instance. A punter can also make a double chance bet or lay bet if the punter feels the probability of a draw is highly likely and profit from the outcome.

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