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Win Goals, Stop Loss Limits And Naked Pull Limits Slot Game Systems

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Slot game systems are gambling game systems designed to help a punter win while playing slot games in the long run. Systems help punters identify winning strategies, adopt a profitable approach, and evaluate several betting options. Investors, bankers, risk managers, insurers, and punters utilize different systems based on the same premise of managing risk and making a profit. With the inception of online betting, punters gain access to several slot games and slot game betting systems. Punters are always looking for the next winning strategy or plan to beat the bookie with several options. Rescuebet curates the most profitable slot game systems in easy-to-understand formats for punters. Punters can subscribe to various game betting systems in tips, how-to strategies, podcasts, RBTv, articles, and newsletters.

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Slot Game Systems

Some punters’ top slot game systems include win goals, stop-loss limits, and naked pull limits. Win goals help punters establish betting goals when making slot game wagers. Stop-loss and bare put limits are risk management systems that help punters avoid losing too much at once or in a single online slot game. Punters need to consider adopting more than one type of slot game betting system, especially betting designs that complement each other.

1. Win Goals

Win goals establish a punter’s winning objectives within slot games. For example, a punter may choose to gamble to have fun, while another punter chooses to gamble as a career. Both punters will have different funds, levels of risk, and objectives while playing the same types of slot games. Win goals also help establish the types of games a punter should play, such as slot games, and the bonuses associated with such slot games. Some of the win-goals punters include slot games with high RTP, low levels of volatility, minimum or no wagers on jackpot games, utilizing games with bonuses and special characters, free spins, and types of slot games. For example, fun with a higher return to the player (RTP) includes a higher profit on a game of slots versus other types of slot games. Punters can also find value in betting situations when different providers price the same slot games with different RTPs.

2. Stop-loss Limits

A stop-loss limit is a risk management strategy punters adopt to minimize the maximum level of risk they’re exposed to on any single wager or slot game. Stop-loss limits lock in a special price below which a punter stops playing, even at a loss. Stop-losses enable punters to lock in a profit or limit the maximum losses. Punters can lock in a profit by setting a high stop-loss above the total wagered. Once that stop-loss is hit, a punter can withdraw their funds and start the process again. A stop-loss prevents punters from losing their entire funds or losing only a fraction of their funds limited to the stop loss amount set during losing streaks. For example, a punter with a betting budget of $100 can set a stop-loss at $80 and $120. At $120, a punter takes a $20 profit, and at $80, a punter locks in a $20 loss.

3. Naked Pull Limits

The naked pull limit is a popular slot betting strategy that takes time and resources and is generally used by professional punters. A basic pull limit strategy is similar to stop-loss limit strategies. The idea behind naked pulls is that a punter limits the maximum losses they’re willing to undertake while playing a slot game. The limit is usually between 7 and 14 spins (or losses) in a slot game. Within this set number of spins, a punter can identify how profitable a slot game is, the possibility of winning, and the frequency of bonuses.

A punter making slot game wagers can tell within the first dozen spins if a slot game is profitable or move on to the next round. If a slot game doesn’t pay out in the first few spins or doesn’t pay out adequately, a punter should stop playing that slot game or risk losing more betting funds. In essence, naked limits the maximum losses a punter is exposed to in one game’s unfortunate event of failures.

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