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5 Rugby Betting Strategies

5 Rugby Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image5 Rugby Betting Strategies Blog

Rugby has an extensive fan base among sports and betting fans across different countries. Rugby is played and followed in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, etc., with a growing fan base across the globe. Apart from international competitions, national leagues and college rugby are popular betting options for punters. The rugby rules are slightly different from American football, although both sports are very similar. In rugby, players can carry and pass the ball using their hands, but they must make all passes behind the player’s side. They hold it forward with a player running with the ball or directly punting the ball along the foot. Fans in America prefer American football, and fans across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia prefer rugby and rugby.

Rugby Betting Strategies

The top 5 rugby betting strategies include:

  1. Making wagers based on the type of competition
  2. Accessing different betting markers
  3. The scoring system of rugby matches
  4. The frequency of draws
  5. The frequency of injuries in a professional game

Type Of Competition

Punters can make wagers on different rugby competitions, such as the rugby union or the rugby league. They can also place bets at the Olympics and the Rugby World Cup, although matches are held once in four years. Domestic games are played more frequently than international tournaments and give punters more betting opportunities. Punters regularly wager on domestic and national leagues and competitions such as the Six Nations Cup or the English Rugby League.

Betting Markets

Punters have access to several rugby betting markets online. Some betting markets punters can access are wagers on passes, scores, most tries, first try, assists, touchdowns, match winner, quarter winner, half winner, most points scored, etc. Punters need to adopt different betting strategies for each different betting market. Some rugby betting markets are easier to predict compared to predicting the result of a rugby match. Rugby accumulator wagers have the highest payouts for punters that can accurately predict a series of different rugby game outcomes.

High Scoring

Rugby games tend to be high-scoring games because each team can score 7 points for a touchdown. A few touchdowns can add up throughout a game and could result in both teams scoring around 40 to 50 points or one team beating the other team by a wide margin. The rugby handicap betting market is trendy and used to narrow the difference between unevenly matched rugby teams. Outcome wagers on unevenly matched teams have a minimal payoff for the favorites, similar to football outcome wagers.

Betting On Draws

Betting on draws in rugby isn’t the same as betting on interests in football. In rugby, games rarely end in draws, and in football, one in four games end in a draw on average. Because rugby is a high-scoring game and has multiple scoring systems for different types of goals, it’s rare for two teams to end up with the same points, although it’s not impossible. For reference, only four games in the last decade ended in a draw in the Six Nations tournament. While the frequency of attractions played is low, the payout for accurately predicting an appeal can result in a big payout for a punter. Betting on draws is one of the least accessed rugby betting markets.


Rugby is a high-contact sport and results in several players getting injured at different points throughout a season. Punters can make wagers based on player forms and squad injuries as these two factors are essential to determine the outcome of a match. Rarely do players play every game every season, and squads have several players on their roster to bring into the first team when needed. Punters need to pay attention to squad injuries and changes because a team’s performance tends to dip after injuries or alterations to a first-team squad.

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