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5 Tennis Betting Strategies

5 Tennis Betting Strategies Blog Featured Image5 Tennis Betting Strategies Blog

Tennis is a popular court sport played between a minimum of two players and four players. Tennis can trace its origin back to the 1300s France, where the game was played and promoted by Louis X and then King Charles V. In the last 100 years, the racket, the net, the ball, and the rules used in tennis changed drastically over time. In the last century, several top tennis stars have won several titles and grand slams while also promoting the sport in new markets. Some of the most famous tennis players include Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Billie Jean King, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Rene Lacoste, Boris Becker, and several others.

Tennis Betting Strategies

The top 5 tennis betting strategies include making wagers based on the type of tennis court, the type of betting market, making wagers on breakpoints, making wagers on serves, having two possible outcomes to take a chance on, and access to multiple types of games.

1. Type Of Court

Different tennis tournaments are played on different types of courts. Some types of courts include grass, clay, hard, asphalt, carpet, concrete, glass, and artificial. Games and tournaments played on grass courts tend to feature faster serves and plays than other types of courts. It serves as an advantage for players with good serves and volley plays. Hard courts generate an excellent bounce and benefit players who utilize different types of bounce in their game. However, hard courts are still relatively slower than grass courts. Clay courts are somewhat softer and remove any serve bonus a player may have on most other courts. Some players benefit from different courts, while other players may be at a disadvantage depending on the type of court. Punters can study player and opposition trends based on court type before making a wager.

2. Two Outcomes And Other Markets

Punters have access to several tennis betting markets. Unlike football, where a draw is a possible outcome, tennis matches cannot end in a draw. Because tennis matches cannot end in a tie, punters essentially make a wager on a player either winning or losing a game. With only two options of a win or loss, a punter stands to make more money making wagers in sports like tennis in the long run. While punters have two outcomes to create chances on, betting markets give punters numerous opportunities to make wagers on more than two outcomes, specific outcomes or scores, winning margins, and more.

3. Betting On Breakpoints

Making a wager on breakpoints is another type of betting strategy. A punter makes a wager on which player will score the first breakpoint, the most breakpoints, or breakpoints handicap betting market. By studying each tennis player’s breakpoint statistics throughout a game and tournament, a punter can make a wager on the breakpoints betting market and win more than other types of 1×2 betting markets. The breakpoint betting market is more predictable among unevenly matched opponents and less predictable between evenly matched opponents.

4. Betting On Serves

Punters can make wagers based on which player will take more serve points throughout a game. The sportsbook usually factors different players’ strengths and weaknesses, such as serve points accumulated and serve points lost. A bettor can make a wager on a player whose help points continually increase after every match or tournament and still get good odds. A perfect serve is a point of the first serve and is called an ace. Karlovic has the most aces in tennis games and is an easy pick for making wagers on most ace serves.

5. Types Of Games

They can play in different formats with various combinations of two or four opponents simultaneously. Punters can take advantage of other formats and types of games by making wagers on men’s singles tennis matches, men’s doubles tennis matches, women’s singles tennis matches, women’s doubles tennis matches, mixed doubles tennis matches, and more. Players who dominate one type of game, such as singles, rarely dominate other formats, making betting on tennis more exciting. Some games are three sets long, and others five or seven locations long.

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