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Guide To Make Money Betting On Boxing Matches

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For those of us who enjoy the more gory side of life, nothing can be as cathartic as a boxing match. To the unfamiliar, about may seem like two individuals randomly throwing punches at each other, trying to inflict as much damage on their opponent as possible. But a fan of the sport knows that isn’t true. If you’re thinking about betting on boxing, know that you’d be making a smart choice. Compared to most sports, the outcome of a boxing match is relatively easy to predict, especially if you’ve been a fan of the sport. This, clubbed with the variety of betting markets available, makes it a potentially profitable endeavor. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Find the type of bet that suits you best

Like I’ve mentioned before, there are many different types of bets that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

1. Outright Winner

Predicting outrights is probably one of the most popular forms of betting, and for good measure too. This form of a wager is easy to understand and profitable. Odds or money lines will be provided, and all you have to do is place a bet on who you think will emerge victoriously. Some sport bookies offer odds on draws, but the likelihood of this occurring is extremely rare, so it’s advisable to stay away from betting on draws.

2. Under/Over Rounds

Another popular form of betting, here you get to predict whether a match will last over or under a particular number of rounds provided by the bookmaker. Boxing matches have a total of twelve rounds, but depending on the skill of the boxers, it’s familiar for professional bouts to last anywhere between four to ten rounds. For instance, you might see a line for over/under 6 rounds. You can bet that the match will end in under 6 rounds which is the first round to the halfway mark of the 6th round, or over if you feel the match will continue beyond that point.

3. Round Betting

In the case of round betting, the punter gets to decide in which rounds a particular boxer will emerge victoriously. This is an excellent alternative to outright betting, as it gives the bettor more options and flexibility. Generally, round betting is of two types, single and group. With the former, the bettor is only allowed to pick one round he thinks a boxer will win. These are incredibly hard to predict. With group round betting, which is the safer option of the two, they are allowed to pick a few rounds in favor of their preferred boxer.

4. Method of victory

Here, you get to choose the specific way a boxer will win. Bookies will offer odds on various methods of victory for both parties, and you use your discretion to decide on whom to back. Pick the one that you think you can predict accurately:

  1. Knockout (KO) – When a boxer does not rise before the referee counts to 10.
  2. Technical Knockout (TKO) – When it is concluded by either the referee or a ringside physician that one of the fighters can’t continue, usually due an injury.
  3. Disqualification (DQ) – When one of the fighters is disqualified due to a foul.
  4. Decision – When the officials provide scores after the rounds are over.

Do Your Research

It pays to have a sound knowledge of both boxing and betting. This one might be a no brainer, but make sure you know everything about both the fighters before you make a bet. Look into their fighting styles. For example, if you find that one of the boxers starts slow, but build up pace towards the end, choosing the round bet market would be wise. Statistics will show you their most common method of victory, recent form, and previous encounters with the same opponent can also be helpful when it comes to predicting outrights. Looking into a boxer’s past couple of matches can also help you gain some valuable insight into what the outcome may be. For example, if a fighter has had a winning streak, it may be because all his previous opponents weren’t at his skill level. Facing someone who is just as good or better would change things.

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When it comes to betting on boxing, several strategies exist, that if applied correctly, can potentially eliminate the risk of a loss. You can develop your sports betting system, or use some tried and tested ones that already exist.


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