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How To Use The Paroli Sports Betting Strategy?

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The Paroli betting system is a relatively simple sports betting strategy. It’s easy to understand, keep track, and follow while playing a game in-person or an online casino game. It’s one of the reasons the Paroli sports betting strategy has gained a lot of popularity among novice punters. The Paroli betting system is based on the positive progression betting system. Under this strategy, a punter is required to increase the wager after a win and decrease the size of the wager after suffering a loss. Punters favor using this strategy for games such as roulette, craps, baccarat, football betting, basketball betting, and so on.

Features Of The Paroli Sports Betting Strategy

Some of the salient features of the Paroli sports betting strategy include:

1. Select a 1:1 Wager

A punter must select an even-money wager or in other words, a wager with just two outcomes with an equal (or roughly equal) chance of either outcome occurring. Punters can choose to adopt this strategy while making certain bets in roulette such as betting on color or odd/even or sports matches with a win-lose result.

2. Establish a Base Wager

After identifying which sport to bet on, a punter must establish a base wager to bet on. A punter must establish a base wager after taking into consideration the level of acceptable risk and return and more importantly, the punter’s bankroll. A punter should set a base wager between 1% and 6% of the entire bankroll. A punter can establish a higher wager with a higher level of risk tolerance (6% or even more). But note that if a punter sets a base wager too high at 10% for example, then the punter can lose their entire bankroll in just 10 rounds of consecutive losses.

3. Double Down On Every Win

For every win, a punter must double down for the next bet. In this example, let’s take a base wager of $10. So if a punter wins the bet, they will bet $20 on the next wager. If the punter wins again, then the punter bets $40 or double the amount from the previous bet.

4. Limit Up To Three Wins

For each streak, a punter must double down for up to three consecutive wins before starting the pattern over again. This way, a punter is securing all winnings since four and five consecutive wins start to become even rarer. After this, the punter can drop back to the original base stake.

5. Back To Base Wagers After Losses

After a loss, a punter must go back to the original base wager and start the sequence of three doubled down wins in a row. The only way a punter can be wiped out is if they go on a very long and very unlucky losing streak.

6. Profits Greater Than Losses

All punters striver for greater profits and avoid losses at all costs. However, with the Paroli sports betting strategy, a punter expects to make a few winnings streaks over the course of several wagers. However, the short bursts of winning streaks should cover the several minor base wagers lost.

7. The House Edge

The house edge always exists in roulette and the Paroli betting system does little to overcome this edge. In certain sequences, you could still lose more even though you may have won and lost equal rounds or bets.

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