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Laying The Favorite Strategy: A Winning Approach To Horse Racing Betting

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Laying the favorite is going against the choice in a sporting event or betting outcome. The idea behind laying a wager is because, in some cases, it’s easier to predict the loser of a product versus predicting the winner. It is especially true for patients with multiple teams competing for a single position, such as horse racing or PUBG Esports. Most punters approach a wager by deciding who to bet on, whereas a select few punters approach betting with who not to bet on depending on the betting event.

Traditionally, a punter is faced with a few choices to wager on depending on the type of event. For example, in football, to lay a team is betting against a team to win out of three wagers (the other two are draw and win). In horse racing, several participating horses compete to win a race. So while predicting the winner can be challenging, laying a particular horse can prove a lucrative option.

A favorite in a horse race will have the highest probability of winning, the most wagers to win, and the lowest payout compared to other horses. While the likelihood of winning is somewhat high and the payout is low, a punter can adopt an opposite strategy, including laying the favorite. Applying the choice includes betting on the favorite to not win, depending on the type of race and wager.

Features Of Laying The Favorite

A punter can lay a favorite in horse race betting while also betting on handicap wagers, laying A-grade games, including crucial match metrics and statistics, and betting on different types of choices for each race. Additionally, a punter can also learn how to use other betting systems that compliment laying favorites.

1. Laying Handicap Wagers

A punter can lay a wager on different bets such as handicap wagers, Asian handicap wagers, sprint wagers, parlay wagers, etc. it’s essential to study how favorites perform in other types of wagers. For example, laying a favorite in a handicap wager is a good horse betting strategy because choices don’t seem to perform as well or consistently in handicap wagers. One condition to this rule includes laying favorites with odds of 4/1 or higher (3/1, 2/1, 1/1, etc.). Applying a bet against the favorite with higher odds doesn’t make the horse a choice because the wager prices more risk of losing.

2. Laying A-Grade Races

Punters are advised to lay a wager on A-grade races. A-grade races are the top-tier races where the best horses compete against each other. Horses ranked for A races are usually accurate in classifying horses from first seed to last seed for each race. Rankings on different races, such as B-grade or C-grade, come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, new punters tend to make wagers on the primary races (A-races) and bet on the favorite. It makes the odds of laying a chance against a choice more lucrative. As more punters bet on the favorite, the odds for betting on the favorite and returns start to drop.

3. Statistics

Statistically, above 66% of all participants in a horse racing event will lose. It doesn’t mean a favorite will fail if you lay a wager on them, but a punter has a higher probability of predicting a loser versus a winner. Punters can also scan different betting markets to see when laying a wager is the most profitable outcome. Some punters can use statistical software to track different horses, odds, betting markets or make predictions of future races based on past results. Software such as R, Python, Excel with add ons, regression software, etc., are popular tools used by punters to make more valid wagers in the long term.

4. Wagers On a Type Of Favorite

Favorites can be divided into weak favorites, firm favorites, and middle favorites. A punter’s best chance of winning a lay against a choice is by betting on a soft favorite or, in some cases, a lower-middle favorite. While these horses are still favorites, other horses have marginally better odds of winning a particular race. A punter can attach a specific horse betting strategy such as ditching when making a wager online.

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