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Unlocking The Labouchere System: Casino Games That Work Best

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In 2023, punters will have access to several traditional and modern betting systems. They developed some of the most widely used betting systems centuries ago. They included the Labouchere betting system, the Martingale betting system, the Paroli betting system, the D’Alembert, the Fibonacci, and more.

Labouchere And His System

The Labouchere system is a betting system developed in the United Kingdom by Henry Labouchere. While punters still use his approach to make wagers today, he was also a politician remembered for passing primitive legislation in the form of criminalizing homosexuality in the United Kingdom. Labouchere was also found guilty in later years of financial scandals, including stock price manipulation and misusing his position of power.

Labouchere’s betting system is a negative progression betting system based on a predetermined sequence of numbers. The system requires punters to increase their wagers after a loss, making it a negative progressive betting system. A punter can win their previous failures at the risk of a higher bet after each loss with a single win.

The sequence of numbers can be anything the punter can easily calculate and represents each wager made. For example, a punter can choose single digits or 10s, the 40s, 100s, etc., as the numbers in the sequence. The first and last number is struck off the list for each win. After a punter successfully strikes all the numbers in the list, the punter can start the list from the first step. Disadvantages of the Labouchere betting system include high table limits, the possibility of a losing run, limited betting funds, and limited risk protection in place solely relying on the Labouchere betting system.

The Best Games To Use Labouchere

The Labouchere betting system is best suited for games such as certain betting markets in roulette, specific sports wagers, and games based on the type of roulette table.

1. Roulette

Punters can adopt the Labouchere betting system for even-odd wagers within roulette betting markets. For example, odd-even, red-black, or high-low are good wagers to apply the Labouchere betting system. However, punters are advised not to use the betting system in other betting markets within roulette, such as an accurate number prediction. With even-odd wagers, punters have an almost 50% probability of winning the bet from potentially two outcomes. With two possible results (and the slight possibility of a third in 0), a punter can easily apply the Labouchere betting system to these betting markets within a game of roulette. However, successive losses and table limits also restrict the sequence of numbers in the system a punter is allowed to use.

2. Sports Wagers

Punters can also adopt the Labouchere betting system for sports wagers with two outcomes (or between two effects), such as some Esports wagers, football bets, basketball bets, and other types of wagers. The following condition is the odds should be near equal or close to 1:1 between the two teams. However, teams with even odds usually indicate an even match and a more incredible difficulty predicting the result. Second, punters have a higher possibility of a draw result in games such as football and test cricket versus basketball, tennis, or 50 over cricket. Depending on the sports event and betting market type, a punter can consider using the Labouchere betting strategy on a sports wager. However, other betting strategies are better suited for general sports bets.

3. Types Of Roulette Tables

The type of roulette table impacts the potential return to the punter, which in turn has an impact on how or if they use the Labouchere system. A punter can participate in European roulette, French roulette, or American roulette. European and French roulette tables have a single 0, while American roulette tables have two 0s. A table with more 0s has a higher house edge versus a table with just a single 0.

A higher house edge makes the odds of a 50-50 wager less than an even odds wager. A Labouchere betting system becomes more inefficient as the odds depart from an even split between two outcomes. It’s one of the main reasons punters prefer playing European roulette to American roulette.

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