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Positive Progression Wagering Blackjack Betting System

Positive Progression Wagering Blackjack Betting System Blog Featured ImagePositive Progression Wagering Blackjack Betting System Blog

A positive, progressive wagering system is a betting system that requires a punter to increase their stake or wager after a win and decrease their bet after a loss. The idea behind positive progression is to capitalize on winning streaks within games and increasing profit. A punter utilizing a positive strategy also takes into account negative bars and reduces a wager after a loss to minimize the impact of a significant losing streak on the punter’s bankroll. A positive betting system works opposite to a negative progressive wagering system. Under a negative wagering progression strategy, a punter must increase their wager after a loss and decrease their bet after winning. An opposing strategy aims to make up for losses by raising subsequent stakes and securing profits won by reducing consequent wagers after winning bets.

Features Of Positive Progression

Some features of positive progression wagering include:

  • The ability to capitalize on streaks
  • Minimize the impact of risk on losses
  • Consider odds and returns
  • Establish an upper limit before a wager is reset
  • Applicability of positive feedback progression wagering to other types of betting outcomes.

1. Capitalize On Streaks

Positive progression wagering systems enable punters to capitalize on winning streaks. If a blackjack game occurs without a bar, then a punter doesn’t increase or decrease their wager by a significant amount. But a punter profits from a series of successive wins effectively in a spot.

2. Reduce Risk

Punters reduce the total risk they’re exposed to when making a blackjack wager through positive progression. Positive progression means a player decreases their bet following a loss in anticipation of the table going cold. Effectively, a punter reduces the risk in the event of a series of failures following the first loss.

3. Consider Odds And Return

Before selecting a positive progression wagering strategy, a punter must consider the odds on a wager and the return. For a game like a blackjack, a punter has 50-50 odds against the house, not including any house edge in the wager risk or return. With even-odd bets, a punter essentially doubles a chance after a win and halves a stake after a loss in a hand of blackjack. A punter can set different rates of increments, such as 1%, which limits how quickly bets are increased or decreased. Alternatively, a punter can select a high increment of 10% but limit the total wagers to three wins before cashing out.

4. Setting An Upper Limit

A punter must set an upper limit of progression, beyond which a punter resets to their original wager. It’s tough to continue to increase a bet progressively after a few consecutive wins. After a few wins, a punter starts wagering highly high amounts, and a single loss would erase all the profits won on that streak. Setting an upper betting limit prevents a punter from wagering extremely high quantities after a few wins. A punter also has the option of setting a lower betting limit in the event of a loss or losing streak. As losses accumulate, a punter reduces the amount wagered after each loss until a certain threshold, such as $1, below which a punter will not make a wager. A punter doesn’t need to set up a lower limit since having no limit protects against the most downside risk in blackjack wagers.

5. Applicable On Other Betting Events

Punters can adopt variations of the positive system to suit other betting events such as poker, roulette, horse racing, motorsports, the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, the Champions League, keno, and other types of sports, slots, or casino betting events. However, different events come with additional risk and reward ratios meaning a punter must consider an acceptable wagering percentage.

Sports games are wagers made on different outcomes with different players or teams. A punter can capitalize on a team’s winning streaks by placing a positive, progressive bet. Good groups with momentum tend to win more games in bars, and bad teams underperform with more losing streaks. It makes wagers on sports games such as football or teams such as Manchester United, Juventus, and PSG highly profitable using a positive, progressive betting system.

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