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Hi and welcome to another episode from the online casino video series by Rescuebet. I’m Sharon and I’m the spokesperson for this web series. In today video, we will explain what online casino positive progression system are, and everything you should know about them.

The positive progression system mean increasing stakes after a win. That way, there is no guarantee to turn a profit. However, for many reasons, the positive progression system is an appealing betting system its popularity is down to the fact that it is easy to learn and use. Though originally designed for money wagers, the system is commonly used at casino games like the roulette, craps, baccarat and craps, among others. This method applies to sports betting as well.

So How Do You Apply The Progressive Betting System?

To use the system, you just have to fix base stake, double up after winning, stop after three wins, and base stake after losing. The two general purposes of the progressive system are to generate small wins consistently and avoid the risk of substantial losses.

Why The Progressive Betting Systems?

Progressive betting systems have been long known among gamblers and most of the strategies can be learned very quickly, involving a straightforward set of rules for gamblers to implement without any difficulty.

What Is Great About The Positive Progressive Betting System?

The positive progressive betting system can be used to win some money in the short term, but the truth is that they do not actually in any way, influence your chances in the long run. Yet, many people waste a lot of money on them. Additionally, the system requires that you adjust the size of your stake on the basis of whether you lost or won your previous bet. For positive progression, you simply increase your stakes when you win, and decrease stakes when you lose. This is the basic strategy. It is a very logical theory where you can win a great deal of money if you keep winning. The same way, like you have in the Paroli system, if you are unfortunate to go on a losing streak, it would not decimate your bankroll. Join the winners today. Check out other videos in this online casino web series to know more.

Thank you for watching! Good luck…

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