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Fixed Matches In Betting World

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There is always a certain amount of ignorance at the root of the misery of a typical bettor. There has been hype about fixed matches recently, so we will expose what’s happening so you don’t waste money. Therefore, we suggest that you read this article and relax.

What’s Match Fixing?

The term match fixing refers to the act of playing a match to produce a predetermined outcome (a result decided before the game even begins). It might be on minor things like the time of the yellow card or the first throw-in. Occasionally, it might not be as extensive as that. The fixing may involve small events within a match that can be speculated on but are unlikely to determine the game’s final result. They often referred to fixings as Spot fixings.

Do Fixed Games/Matches Exist At All?

I want to begin by stating a somewhat awkward truth – yes, fixed matches do exist. If they set a game, it is usually one or more of the following: a player, coach, referee, or anyone who has a direct role in that game is compromised. Fixes are generally triggered by a payoff, although other factors may also trigger a spot. The majority of teams or parties who fix a match do so because of the benefits they gain. Players and staff are usually not well-paid in most of these countries where Fix matches occur, so most of the players and staff agree to play the game in a specific direction to make money by gambling on an agreed prediction; those in it stake and make money.

How Do These Matches Get Fixed And How Does It Affect You?

Would you say bookmakers or bettors benefit more from fixed matches? You are right if you say bettors. Imagine walking into the betting shop with full knowledge of a match’s outcome before it takes place. Every gambler is attracted to this sense of god-like power, and the wealthier ones will do whatever it takes to produce this so that they will be guaranteed profits when betting on these manipulated games. Here is the main problem. Team sports, such as football, are more complicated to fix than individual sports like boxing or tennis. The number of players, officials, coaching staff, and substitutes are too many to ensure a fixed game runs smoothly. What’s the tricky part? Bribing more people increases your chances of getting the result you want while also increasing your chances of being exposed.

How it Works

The match fixing business is a serious one. Fixers (individuals or corporations) are in it for profit. As for fixed games, they occur more often in lower divisions and non televised games. Fixing the game involves two steps: firstly, you have to convince someone with direct influence over it to compromise, such as a coach, player(s), team owner, or official. To recover the initial investment and return a reasonable profit, you have to lay down a substantial stake, possibly between $2M and $20M depending on the cost of the fix. Having a stake limit prevents bookmakers from accepting such absurd stakes. Therefore, the fixer must take his big money somewhere else to be accepted. The second step is to contact someone in Asia (a fixer) to fix the illegal Asian gambling market worth millions of dollars.

Fixed Matches Exposed To The Public

They could make a considerable profit; match fixers cannot sell to the general public and barely advertise their services. Why should they? If they must sell these games, they are on the dark web (in a very closed circle). Consider this – “why would any person tell you about a supposed fixed match? Why don’t they borrow a truckload of money and bet heavily on it if they know it’s a fixed game? Why would they alert the world on social media? There’s no denying that bookmakers are intelligent, business-oriented people. Can they possibly detect a planned match fixing simply by monitoring the pre-match betting markets? Even if they manipulate in-game betting markets, can they see it in real-time?

Bookmakers have software in place that helps them detect manipulated games once they spot suspicious betting patterns. You see why the primary fixer would not risk both time and money going down the drain like that with this knowledge. Given the risk involved, the gains from selling to the general public are pretty negligible. The majority of the websites and people claiming to offer fixed games are scams. That’s a fact; no speculating here. These guys are just soccer pundits who do some serious research. It’s no secret that fixed matches exist, but most fixed match betting tips are a scam. In reality, FIXED is used to pre-sell their service. It’s a good attention grabber.

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